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24 December 2005

Merry Christmas!

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From White Helsinki....

(Photo will be update at January ^^;;;;;;;)

05 December 2005

Personal statement

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I finished writing UCAS form. (firstly ^^;)

I feel miss something.

Maybe, It's all applyer feeling.

Just 47 line and 4000 characters can express me?

and Maybe...

In 2004 I saw a company’s recruitment advert, and realized that get the best jobs Korea, one has to be fluent in Korean and English. I decided then to leave my country to get an undergraduate degree in England.

My families were worried about my decision. Too expensive, too long a time to live alone. My grandmother is too old. My parents company is too hard. And my elder sister will marry next year. However, they respected my decision.

My college major was “Techno – Management”. I studied basic business. However, I want to study a new subject at university, media studies. I don’t regret my college major, because today to succeed in the media environment, you need to have media & business sense.

When I was young, I saw a news program on the American Force TV network of Korea. It was the NBC TODAY show. I knew then that one day, “I will make that”. My dream is continuing now. Of course, TV program genre is different from that. When I was young, I was interested in news programmes. However, now my interests lie more in Entertainment Shows. Because, I think entertainment is a genre of TV which is growing more important. In addition, new media (DMB, SAT TV, Internet…) trend is at the centre of Entertainment. So, I have already decided on the company of my goal. It’s MTV. Because this music channel is entertainment broadcasting’s centre and currently my dream is to direct a big music show program. (For example: the MTV MUSIC VIDEO AWARD) Also, MTV is world’s music channel and a symbol of youth.

When I was at high school. I worked as a youth web magazine reporter. I usually managed the editing meeting and supported another reporter. And when I went to college. I volunteered at the college-broadcasting centre. I worked on radio program directing, yet sometimes sound engineer and sometimes announcer. When I worked there, I learned a lot. Nothing goes perfectly. In other words, there isn’t utopia. However there was passion and hope. These causes of I went to London and always I hope seriously to keep that.

MTV is at the USA. However, I want study at UK. Why? Firstly, I do not feel positively about USA. Especially, I was disappointed about the Iraq war and the last USA president vote. Secondly, UK easily accesses Europe, so, I can experience various cultures. Recently, UNESCO signed a ‘cultural diversity pact’. It said that various culture important. So, I think broadcasting director needs to catch trends in global culture. Here is a good place for that. Thirdly, UK is another centre of culture. Of course, now entertainment’s central is the USA. However, when we talk to about 70’s young culture. Always, the story of the Beatles is included. Also, now, no band has more effect than the Beatles. So, Brit pop’s effect cannot be disregarded in the world. In addition, BBC is world’s public broadcasting model and UK’s films show new trend. Especially, Harry potter’s fantasy, Bridget Jones’s diary’s romantic and Trainspotting’s pop culture make the new wave against main wave in Hollywood.

When I have spare time. I usually surf the Internet. I often visit News sites. Sometimes I talk about news to another internet user. Even though, I’m interested entertainment, I watch all things about world. I think it is a media person’s duty. Because, it will be another idea about programme and show audience’s recent trend.

When I was young I dreamed about broadcasting. It’s so important. Someday, I will make TV programmes that might make excite someone. I hope may programmes inspire others to work in the media too. I believe I am an ideal candidate for studying media at University, because I have a real passion and commitment to keeping people informed.

It is first walk of someone have serious dream for dreams come true. I hope first step at your university.