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18 December 2008

Wait and Wait and Wait but…

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Unexpected luck…
As this Video.

Yes, Snow in Desert…  It is one of unexpected luck.
I might have a same kind of unexpected luck.
It didn’t happen.

I should do Work Placement for attending Honours module.
Last summer, I didn’t find it so I have been looking for work placement, which is able to on this winter.

Last November, I applied to one large organisation, which is located on London by the internet.
My application… It is so rubbish.

Anyway… After a month…
When I challenged lots (??) of assignments,
I heard one of Oxford local organisations provides work placement.
Also,I applied it again and had got meeting on last Tuesday.

Last Monday, I have an voice mail on my mobile phone.
That message was came from London organisation, which I applied on last month.
She, who called to me, asked to call back for discussing my work placement application.

It was surprised from this message, I did not expect they contact me.

However from Tuesday…

I had meeting with the administer of Oxford organisation.
When the administer asked “Could you tell me about you?”

Yes, it is very very very basic question.
However, I found my answer was so dump.
Repeat, Repeat and Repeat.
I did not give ant impression comments to the administer.

In addition, when he asked “What kinds of work placement I want to do?”…
Oh my god… How do I answered it?
Yes… Dummy, Dummy and Dummy.

I just expected to do what they ask.
However, I never expected I might say what I want to do for work placement.

Yes, it the alarm alert of disaster.

In addition, I said I have got contact from London organisation. (Suicide…)

I tried to promote me as possible and the administer said just now they did not have place so they will contact me on March. I hope to get contact to them again.

Ok… It was last Tuesday nightmare.
However, Last Wednesday…
Finally, I’ve got call from London organisation.

Also, the caller asked same question as the day before.
“What do you want to do?”…
Also, I answered as a dummy.

The phone was not longer than I expected.
I did to introduce me and answered what this organisation provides which kinds of work placement.
It was nice for me but they might do not feel my interesting.

The caller said if they are accept me, I might received the call on today.

I wait… However, the phone hasn’t rang.


Yes, the unexpected luck…
It did not happen for me.

15 December 2008

50Mb Broadband service is Coming!

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Virgin Media has launched its new 50 Megabits per second (Mbps) domestic broadband service.

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Yeah! It's coming! 50Mb Broadband!!
Hang on, How much is it?
'£51 a month'?
Oh... It's unreasonable.

13 December 2008

I used to drink…

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Last month

France24 reported very interesting topic.

Huesik: Korean for binge drinking (English)

Après le boulot, le goulot (French)


Yes, It was my night culture.

When I went to Korean College, I should go to Hue-Sik every day. (Hey.. When I went to college, I was over 20!)


“Drink Soju as water”

This sentence might be describe my drinking behaviour.

By the Way, do you know what is Soju?


Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary describe it as…

Korean vodka distilled from rice

A blogger describes it is the best-selling booze in the world. Yes, if you are in Korea, you will drink wine and vodka very rarely. Instead of, you will see this lovely green bottles (Colour of Soju bottle) every where.

As This picture


My favourite Soju is Cham-Isel, which is contain 20.1% of alcohol.

Recently, some new Soju brands have been introduced and most of them contains less alcohol than Cham-Isel. I have an opportunity to drink one of these brand. It was my react.

“ What’s it? Is it water? ”


However, I might not drink this Soju, Jinro Gold, which contains 25% alcohol.

If I drink this bottle, I might feel my throat and tongue is burned.


By the Way, I used to drink one to two bottles of Soju everyday. Sometimes, I drunk until cannot recognise every thing. (Yes, typical symptom of Binge Drinking) Also, I suffered hang over every morning (?).


However, I cannot drink as when I was young. Also, when I met my friend in Korea, they drunk small amount of alcohol. Hu… Yes, It means I am older and older now.


Recently, I have seen lots of party photos on facebook. When I was young, Club was not my favourite space because I do not have enough money for entertain there. Yes, I never have been clubs in Korea.


Usually, I drink beer at some restaurants or pubs, we called HOF. You might think I drunk as luxury restaurants but there is not luxury and I cannot find adapt words where explain where I drink. The similar words is pubs but there is different pubs.


Anyway, I envy them, who post their amuse photos in clubs on facebook or other sites. Ah… Feel so alone.



Words Count: 385 Words

(P.S.) Thank you for your comments ^_^;;;;

11 December 2008

Inventor builds She-3PO robo

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Inventor Le Trung, 33, created Aiko, said to be “in her 20s” with a stunning 32, 23, 33 figure, shiny hair and delicate features. She even remembers his favourite drink and does simple cleaning and household tasks. "Fem-bot" Aiko, who has cost £14,000 to build so far, is a whizz at maths and even does Le’s accounts.


She or it is the most wanted item for this Christmas...

01 December 2008

2008 Turner Prize Winner - Mark Leckey

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Cartoon lover wins Turner prize 

Mark Leckey has won the Turner Prize with an exhibition featuring cartoon characters like Homer Simpson.

Felix the Cat, Garfield, and the Titanic movie also appeared in a film by Leckey, where the artist was seen lecturing on his love of animation....

More at ITN

What do you think about this year Turner Pirze winning object?

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(P.S.) Could you wait moment? Bloging... I will start again soon...

07 August 2008

Bad spelling 'should be accepted' (BBC NEWS)

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Common spelling mistakes should be accepted into everyday use, not corrected, a professor has said. Ken Smith says the most common spelling mistakes should simply be accepted as "variant spellings".
Um.. If is it accepted, My grade might be increased
Ah! My POOR Grammar.... :(
Posted From

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06 August 2008

US beef sparks South Korean concerns (From Al Jazeera English)

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High on the agenda during Bush's visit to South Korea will be the quality and safety of US beef. After months of protests, the US president will try to reassure South Koreans that American beef is safe to eat. Al Jazeera's Mike Kirsch goes to the US state of Nebraska to investigate the health concerns.


Could you watch this video clip? because it is the reason of South Korean protests against to importing US Beef for long time.

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30 July 2008

It's Ji-Ho's 27th Birthday

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(Before Posting)

If you read this post on Facebook Notes, Please click 'Show original post' or come to because I hope to show some video clips to you but it is not posted on Facebook Notes.


From : Amadeus (1984)


SALIERI SYNDROME - When a person of average talent and intelligence aims to criticize and find fault with genius.

From The Syndrome Syndrome






Why I came to the UK?


My English is not fluent.

My Creativity is poor.

When I deal with a problem, I make other problems.

I cannot enjoy the night as others.

My sports activity is too terrible.

My Interpersonal skill? Oh dear...






Sometimes, I found

I cannot be over them.


I stand behind them.


Why? I stay here?


I pay tuition fees twice more than UK/EU students.

I haven't got opportunities for getting Scholarships.

Life Cost in Oxford? Oh My God...


Wonder Girls - Wishing On a Star


I have a dream.


It is to stand behind Mozarts, who have talent.


Their talents might be completed by my ability.



To direct exciting music festival.


To be the chief of International Broadcasting Network.


Yes... It's too big and unreasonable.


In addition, the future of Media Industry is not bright.

Isn't it?


However, I choose to walk this way


Because I am addictive this industry.


I don't know why...

However, it is the reason, I am here.


Rod Stewart - SAILING






And Jealously...


I should overcome them.

But, it is not so easy...


However, I should do...




I take this road.

Even it is a unlimited tunnel.


Thank for who (will) celebrate my 27th Birthday.


From : Oxford Brookes Univ. The Ball 2008

27 July 2008

The Goal of the day

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Olympic Football Team Pre Match

South Korea vs. Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)

28.July.2008 @ Suwon, South Korea

41 min, by Jung Sung-ryong (Goalkeeper)

[It's Korean Language clip]

09 July 2008

'After Finish, you can rest for long time unitl be bored'

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달리기 - SES

This song is one of famous Korean femail idol band, S.E.S.' 'Running'.
(Some Japanese and East-Southren Asian might know them)

The last lyric of This song is
 'After Finish, you can rest for long time unitl be bored' (Can you Understand?)

 It might describe my current situation.

 Just some month ago, When I write lots of LASTMINUTES essays.
 I just hoped long vacation.

 And... Now...
 I've got the vacation but it is extreamly boring.

 Originally, I made some plan for vacation but it dose not work.
 (Just one, I will be back to my Lovely South Korea on Auguest)

 This semester, I've got so disapointment result even my friends write their proud result on FB status.
 Yes, it was casues by lots of factors.
 I am so lazy and hadn't understood about the lecture.
 However, the fundermental reason is... MY LANGUAGE ability.

 (I might post about this News Article soon)

 So... I need to improve my Language ability... (Please, help me!)
 Ok... Language matter will think next time.

 Originally, I planed to attend Work Placement but... Yes... I did not.

 Just I enjoy GERGEOUS TYPICAL BRITSH weather... (As today)

 I might miss friends who burned Nights of Oxford.
 And... When the semester start agian, I will miss today's too bored day.

04 July 2008

Oxford Brookes University ... Open as Usual

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Do you think Brookes Three Campus might be like Notrh or South Pole because you are not there?

Do not worry... Brookes is Open As Usual...

Just our Lovely Morals Bar is closed already (Just after 2008 Ball) also Harts bar's door will be open at September, where is one of my faviourte area for watching EURO 2008.

No Hazey's Krazey Karaoke Klub

No Peach


No Pleasuredome

No Blitz...

But... Do not worry... Sports Bar open as usual and these lovely events will be back when you back to Brookes. (Sorry. I don't know about Harcourt Hill Bar)

However, Brookes is lively yet even you are not there.

Gipsy Lane is the small world of teenagers.

Because some English Language Organisations’ summer schools are based out lovely campus.

Just Different thing is between us, they should go to Cafeteria for their meal.

Sometimes, our Main Hall and Sports Bar changed to 'temporary' the Venue.

So.. These teenagers enjoy the dance at Main Hall and Sports Bar.

In addition, Brookes' own Summer School students are in Gipsy Lane.

(I worry they have lunch at just Sports Bar... (As my experience...))

Pu… Ok… Next week I might see some mates near Darcy Building or Main Hall. (I do not write what for…)

Oh... Harcourt Hill... Also, they are open as usual.

Brookes are doing Teaching session in Harcourt Hill Campus now, so I can see plenty of people in that Campus.

In addition, Pipe construction is doing in that campus so It’s hard to walk Residence side. (Really?)

Ah! You expect some Change in Uni.

Firstly, You will see a new footpath at Gipsy Lane Campus.

Especially, If you go to Tonge Building or ICLES building, It might be excitement change.

Secondly, the Half area of 24hr Harcourt Hill computer site is closed. Do you have idea what will happen?

Sorry. I haven’t take picture current our lovely Campus…

Because my Brookes Bus pass is expires so I usually buy MEGARIDER or BROOKES FLEXI – 12 pass.

And… your Lovely Brookes bus is reduced schedule for vacation.

Finally, my laptop is at Plymouth, where is located my Laptop’s Repair Centre.

(I haven’t seen my laptop for a week)

So… They are reasons why I haven’t take photos. (Hey… the real reason is you are EXTREAMLY LAZY)

I hope next posting might be with photos…


(P.S) If you write the comment on Blogger or Facebook Note, I really thanks to your comment. It’s okay anyone, to pick my English Grammar Mistakes (You might find Very Very easy, It’s a piece of CAKES!) or which area photos you want to see or Etc.

So… Please leave the COMMENT! Thanks!

12 June 2008

South Korea beef protests escalate - June 11 2008

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It's the protest against for protecting Korean Health.
I like Beef and want to eat it without concern.

(News Clip from: Korea's Lee calls for 'fresh start' [Aljazeera English])

23 May 2008

The American Idol 2008 (Season 7) Winner is Announced.

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Um.. It's time for waiting X-Factor's new season...
Hang On... Is Britain's Got Talent finished?

Congratulation, David Cook.

Related NEWS: How David Cook won 'American Idol' (AP)

The Finale Broadcasting Schedule on itv2 (UK) -

23,May PM 9.00

24,May AM 11.45 & PM 12.45

25,May AM 7.45 & PM 6.15

19 May 2008

NYU Student Invents Virtual Girlfriend (Ultimate Bed Mod)

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The inventor suggests his new alternative to a full-body pillow or blow-up doll could provide late-night comfort for traders, lawyers, or any other single guy in Manhattan who simply works too hard to keep a girlfriend. (From New York Magazine)
One reason of I didn't attend the ball (Brookes) was I expect to have boring time in there.It does not mean the programme is fun or not.It means I might enjoy the ball just alone... (Do you want to play your mobile phone's game in the ball for six hours?)If it developed as a product, I might be a customer of this gorgeous Virtual Girl Friends.Pu... but... it quite sad... as 3AM me.... (I recognise I really unfavourite person in Brookes now)

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18 May 2008

17 May 2008 Night... It's done. (As Firework...)

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The 2007/2008 academy year of Oxford Brookes is finished...

As this firework...

And now...

Lots of cars are in the car park as when I came Morrell Hall Firstly.

Because, now residences should leave the current flat until 6th June (Without Cheney Hall).

Also, my favourite bar... Morals Mar is shut down until September. (It's depend on Brookes SU's decision)

(Where do I go for watching EURO 2008?)


Where were you yesterday? (Question to Brookes)

Someone were in the ball and enjoy the last chill out at Brookes.

Someone were in the flat as me and my flat mates... (Quite bored evening)

Someone were in the their home and meet old friend again.

Or... Someone worked...

Oh dear... Someone studied hard (I know most of UK uni students wait exams but we've done).


Enjoy your Summer...

I envy... you are so young...

(Where is my pension application form?)

08 May 2008

Parents Day in South Korea

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About 5 weeks ago,

My Sister would be a mother of a son.

How did she feel the moment?


I have a grand mother, parents and a elder sister.

I haven't seen them for more than 1 year approximately.


When I call them, I just say

"Hello... How are you?"

Or... sometimes... "Could you send money?"


Am I good a son or a younger brother for them?

I really do not think so....


I heard my father's business condition is harder and harder...

In addition, my father might be old as to consider retirement.


However... I haven't given any help to my family...

Just... Received their help in England...


About 2 years ago,

When I decided to study in England and said to my family, they were surprise but supported my new start.

If I do not choose this opinion, is my family's challenge



I really thanks for them.

Sometimes, my father said

"Other families' son and daughter claimed to their parents often, my children has not done"

It might be wrong, However if he is right, it could be explained "I do not feel to claim to my parents"


However, I am afraid to my parents.

I want to show to them their son is better than others.

But... My ability does not enough for getting confidence.

It might be the cause of to cut conversation between me and my parents.


However, they understand me.

Even, their son think the different way from their hope.


Today is the parents day in South Korea.

Usually, sons and daughters give Carnations to their parents today.

I cannot give the flower to my parents as usual in this year...


What do I say when I call to them?


Might be...

"Could you send money..."

Fuck... I am a dumb of the dumb...


(Korean Pop) Music Video - Father (Psy)

03 May 2008

The first day of Summer Vacation

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The first day of Summer Vacation
Originally uploaded by 지호 | Ji Ho | 志浩

02 May 2008

The finish of the last assignment...

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It's the last one....
No More Assgienments...
No Exam...

OK... head to Harcourt Hill...

(From Headington Library)

26 April 2008

Please, Support him for The TIME 100, 2008!

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It's back!

TIME 100...

Who has influenced your life for a year?

You can pick him, she or them on now!


Stephen Colbert...

Who is one of my favourite comedian.

He purposed this thing someday ago...


Ok! Ok.... So... I hope he returns TIME 100 again this year.

So... I will support

Why not?

I'm (South) Korean and like him...


Ladies and Gentlemen!

Please give your support to RAIN!




Relative Article: Stephen Colbert One of TIME'S Top 5 Most Influential People (Comedy Central)

Relative Link: The 2008 TIME 100 Finalist (TIME)

Relative Link: The 2008 TIME 100 Finalist, Pool Result (TIME)

22 April 2008

3 in the Morning @ Harcourt Hill...

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Nobody in there...
Just me...

Okay... Let's do coursework!

Goodbye, Wheatly...

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Yesterday, i've done whole lectures in Wheatley...
I might back this campus in 2nd semester of 3rd year...

Or... Might not

06 April 2008

Oh my god... It's white out.

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Oh my god... It's white out.

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22 March 2008

Snow in Oxford

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At the moment, Oxford was snowed today noon like shower.
Hang on... It's March...


Yes... It's Guerrilla Snow...Snow - Sunshine - Snow - Sunshine...How many foxes marry today?

Relative Photos : Snow at Easter (BBC NEWS)

23 February 2008

Goodbye Oxford and...

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Hello NEW YORK!!!

[14:00 LHR to JFK by VS45(Virgin Atlantic)]

PS1.I will be back to OXFORD on this Friday.
PS2.This post is written and published at London Heathrow Airport.

10 February 2008

Sunday with football

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Left : EPL : Chelsea v Liverpool
Right : Africa Cup of Nations FINAL : Cameroon v Egypt

02 February 2008

The Winner & Loser of 2008-2010 Art Council England Regular funding for organisations in Oxford.

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Today is the important day for subsidised art organisations in England.

Art Council England (ACE) announced 2008/2010 Regular funding for organisations list.

This fund is very important for these organisations because most of them rely on this fund as their budget. If they lose this opportunity, it means they should reduce their scale or close the organisation.

I went some organisations and met artists or art managers in Oxford for last semester.

Of course, this meeting is continue for this semester.


Are they success to get fund?

Referenced from Arts Council England regular funding decisions for 2008-2011 (Arts Council England)


The winners... (Introduction by ACE)

Modern Art Oxford

2008/09 £891,679

2009/10 £995,755

2010/11 £940,480

A major visual arts exhibition space with an established international reputation. Its focus is on one person, group and touring shows of contemporary artists from Britain and around the world.


I think Modern Art Oxford is the biggest art gallery in Oxford. (If I am wrong, Please comment to me ASPA) This gallery is success to get fund and able to manage stability. The interesting point is 2010/11 funding amount is less that 2009/2010 funding.

Anyway... Didn't OVADA ( apply it or ... ?


Oxford Contemporary Music

2008/09 £93,064

2009/10 £126,456

2010/11 £98,157

Oxford Contemporary Music is one of the region’s leading promoters and commissioners of new music, presenting innovative, inspiring and surprising events in a wide range of settings. It programmes a wide diversity of music from within the UK and worldwide and its education and outreach programme takes its work into education and community contexts.


This company's office is located my university's Art department building, where I go every Tuesday 1PM. (It means this organisation has good relationship with my university) They organised interested concerts and education programmes. Also, 2010/11 founding amount is less than 2009/2010. (What will happen at 2011?)


Oxford Playhouse

2008/09 £285,472

2009/10 £293,179

2010/11 £301,095

A mid-scale presenting theatre with some producing in-house that includes commissioning and co-productions. The organisation has begun presenting in their studio and delivers an extensive outreach programme.


One of the biggest theatre at Oxford. (Another theatre is Oxford New Theatre, which is belong to livenation( Ah... I miss the greatest play "Aladdin (Panto)"!! (Am I an Arts Management & Administration student?)


Pegasus Theatre

2008/09 £231,075

2009/10 £310,000

2010/11 £318,370

Pegasus is a centre of excellence for its participatory performing arts work with young people and also presents a programme of professional contemporary dance and theatre.


Pegasus... Pegasus... Pegasus...

They've got the fund again and can keep going their new theatre building plan. When I think this theatre, I just think their new theatre plan. Managers are proud doing this plan and think important. Also, I learn lots of things from them. I hope this budget help their new plan. Anyway... Their funding amount is more than Oxford Playhouse. Um...


Oxfordshire Touring Theatre Company

2008/09 £193,086

2009/10 £198,300

2010/11 £203,654

OTTC is a producing theatre company that tours to rural communities throughout the region, particularly Oxfordshire and Berkshire.


Unfortunately... I will go this company for this semester so I do not have any idea about this company.


Also... The ART organisation in Oxford, which are success to get fund from ACE and I don't know.


Modern Poetry in Translation

Artform: Literature

Region: South East

Constituency: Oxford West and Abingdon

2008/09 £30,000

2009/10 £30,810

2010/11 £31,642

The international magazine for the translation of poetry into English.



Artform: Visual Arts

Region: South East

Constituency: Oxford East

2008/09 115,852

2009/10 118,980

2010/11 122,192

A creative company working with artists to support new thinking and practice for the built environment and public space across the South East region.


The loser...

Anjali Dance Company

This company cannot receive the fund for two years from ACE. I am shocked this news because I don't understand why they lose funding.

This dance company is slightly different from other contemporary dance company because it organised by learning disability dancers. Their performance quality is high and has some education programme for learning disability children. I think these activity is enough for achieving the funding from ACE... However, today, they face very strong challenge. I hope they will deal with this problems.


Ok... It's done... However, I think most of art organisations are not happy with the amount of funding. (Yes... The problem might be Olympic but I do not know...) Maybe... they are happy just to get fund from ACE because lots of organisations lose.

Okay... How about my country?

Also, they are hungry for doing art...


Cheer up, British and Korean artists and art managers!


Relative News: Arts Council Avoids Bush Theatre Cuts, Raises Budget (Update1) (Bloomberg)

Relative News: English theatres face grant cuts (BBC NEWS)

Relative News: Arts funding: Winners and losers (BBC NEWS)

29 January 2008

Am I famous ??? (What -__-;;;)

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It is back!

Harcourt Hill Breakfast Club at B1/39... (This lecture is started at 9AM)

Just its date is moved Monday to Tuesday.

(U75100 Human communication -> U75103 Interpersonal Skills)

Same classroom, Same module leader (Tutor), Just Some Of recognised students (^_-;;;;)

However... this course has very heavy reading list and more team work tasks...

(It means... Not easy going...)


During the lecture, we had introduce each others by some words which related name's character.

(E.G. -> J-Jealous I-International Student H-Humorous O-Oldest)

After this activity, Module Leader asked each students name to every students.

Okay... When my name was asked...

I heard the loudest voice in the classroom.

(YES... Most of them recognised my name -__-;;)

Okay... the interesting point is....

this class' men are just three...

Most of gender is WOMEN (Include module leader)..

As... This music video...

(P.S.) What's the meaning of 'GIRL FIREND'? (-_-;;)

(For Who see my post by facrbook note)

Which music Video? Please click View original post

28 January 2008

The First time step at Wheatley

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When I finished my English Summer course.

I drove Oxford area.

The first arrival was Wheatley Campus.

About for an hour driving...

I found a sign, 'Welcome to Oxford Brookes Wheatley Campus".

However, I did not enter campus then because....

"This car park is able to park permitted cars" (Yes.. the sign... like this...)


After 6 month....

I steped this campus.... It's the first time....



Lots of my friends, who meet other campus (Gipsy Lane and Harcourt Hill), are there...

Strange area but UNstrange people...


Anyway... My second semester is started new area, where I never visited...

So.. I met some accident...


1, Lecture room was changed (Do not believe PIP)...

I went the lecture room which mentioned on my PIP and wait the lecture there.

However... Suddenly... Someone said...

"Lecture room is changed. Have you seen the pink paper?"

Oh... My God...

A pink paper, which putted on the door, mentioned other lecture room because it changed.


2,Lottery Seminar group...

The first lecture was interested because I studied that in my country...

(Do you know? I graduate a college, where is higher education institute, at South Korea)

However, when it finished I heard very shocked announcement from the lecture.

"Sorry... lots of people applied on Friday so we cannot manage your seminar group on PIP. Your seminar group is mentioned on your module guide book's cover."

And... I saw cover

"Seminar, Time:7.00, Room:EL11"

What!!! 7PM!!!!

Oh dear! I want to watch football... (Sometimes, Premier league does on Monday)

Ah... Shocked... Shocked..


It's the start...

Heavy assignments...

Heavy in-class test...

Heavy presentation...


And... 24/7 drinking... (God..)

How's your drinking?

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Can you walk High street at night?

Can you bring your kebab without police's guarding at night?

This is SKY NEWS' report which aired at today morning.

It's Warrington's Saturday night where A man, who was a husband and father of a family, was died by binge teenagers someday ago.


So.. keep your alcohol ability and don't do silly behaviour after drinking....

If you do not want to show your face on the front of national news. ^_^


(P.S.) Okay... I can say this situation happens at my country's (South Korea) night street. However, I am not sure my country's night is more violent than the UK.

22 January 2008

Who or Which film will get this year's Golden Raspberry Awards? (Please give your comment)

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Okay! 28th Golden Raspberry is kick-off!

Which film or who will be the winner of 28th Golden Raspberry?

Worst Film


-Daddy Day Camp

-I Know Who Killed Me

-I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry


Worst Actor

-Nicolas Cage

Ghost Rider, National Treasure: Book Of Secrets and NEXT

-Jim Carrey

The Number 23

-Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Daddy Day Camp and Norbit

-Eddie Murphy (as Norbit)


-Adam Sandler

I Know Who Killed Me

Worst Actress

-Jessica Alba

Awake, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Good Luck Chuck

-Logan Browning, Janel Parrish, Nathalia Ramos and Skyler Shaye


-Elisha Cuthbert


-Diane Keaton

Because I said so

-Lindsay Lohan (as Aubrey)

I Know Who Killed Me

-Lindsay Lohan (as Dakota)

I Know Who Killed Me

Worst Supporting Actor

-Orlando Bloom

Pirates Of The Carob-Bean: At Wit's End

-Kevin James

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

-Eddie Murphy (as Mr. Wong)


-Rob Schneider

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

-Jon Voight

Bratz, National Treasure 2, September Dawn, Transformers

Worst Supporting Actress

-Jessica Biel

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry and NEXT

-Carmen Electra


-Eddie Murphy (as Rasputia)


-Julia Ormond

I Know Who Killed Me

-Nicolette Sheridan

Code Name: The Cleaner

Worst Screen Couple

-Jessica Alba & Hayden Christensen (Awake)

, Jessica Alba & Dane Cook (Good Luck Chuck)

or Jessica Alba & Ioan Gruffudd (Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer)

-Any Combination of Two Totally Air-Headed Characters (Bratz)

-Lindsay Lohan & Lindsay Lohan As The Yang To Her Own Yin [What's the meaning?] (I Know Who Killed Me)

& Eddie Murphy (as Norbit) & Eddie Murphy (as Mr. Wong)

or Eddie Murphy (as Norbit) & Eddie Murphy (as Rasputia) (Norbit)

-Adam Sandler & Kevin James

or, Adam Sandler & Jessica Biel (I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry)

Worst Remake or Rip-Off

-Are We Done Yet?


-Epic Movie

-I Know Who Killed Me

-Who's Your Caddy?

Worst Prequel or Sequel

-Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

-Daddy Day Camp

-Evan Almighty

-Hannibal Rising

-Hostel: Part II

Worst Director

-Dennis Dugan


-Roland Joffe


-Brian Robbins


-Fred Savage


-Chris Siverston


Worst Screenplay

-Daddy Day Camp

Screenplay by Geoff Rodkey and David J. Stem & David N. Weiss

-Epic Movie

Written by Jason Friedberg & Aaron Seltzer

-I Know Who Killed Me

Written by Jeffrey Hammond

-I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

Screenplay by Barry Fanaro and Alexander Payne & Jim Taylor


Screenplay by Eddie Murphy & Charles Murphy and Jay Sherick & David Ronn

(NEW) Worst Excuse for a Horror Film

-Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem


-Hannibal Rising

-Hostel: Part II

-I Know Who Killed Me

UM.. Unfortunately...

I haven't seen these films... (^____________________^)

Anyway... Eddie! What's wrong!

I never forget your over-weight female costume!

Also, Lindsay... when did you take Horror film? (Sorry...)

In addition, male actors! Please, beware acting with Jessica Simpson!

And Finally, (Is it ITN?) Please give your opinion of this nominations... Who or which film will take this lovely trophy?

(P.S) This video clip introduce the 80th Academy Awards nominations.