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30 December 2006

Saddam Hussein has been EXECUTED

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Iraq's formal president
one of serious dictators & Killers in the world
Saddam Hussein HANGED in Baghdad.

Of course, it is not SAD NEWS.

Lots of people need his panalty.

However, also, it is not HAPPY NEWS.

Do I memory Saddam?

NO! Never....

I worry the storm after Saddam's death in Iraq and the World.

Relative news

Saddam hanged at dawn [Al Jazeera]

Saddam Hussein's Execution Is A War Crime [OhmyNews]

29 December 2006

LiveJ get New Face

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Recently, format of was changed
so I applied new account and today I show new LiveJ.

Of course, I regeret somethings.
I lose some pictures and functions.
In addition, Script language is chaged to XML so I must learn new language.
Oh~ Dear....

I hope you like this new site.
Of course, I don't lose your comment and my articles.

New start...
Welcome to NEW

25 December 2006

Memory ... Godfather of Soul

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I Feel Good

Sex Machine

Relative News Articles
Soul star James Brown dies at 73 [BBC NEWS]
Godfather of Soul, James Brown dies [ITN (ITV & Channel4) NEWS]
'Godfather Of Soul' Dies [Sky NEWS]
Godfather of soul James Brown dies [Al Jazeera English]
"Godfather of Soul" James Brown dies [Reuters]
Legendary singer James Brown dies at 73 [AP]

25th . December . 2006 . AM 00:00 (GMT)

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Now's Front Page

God, where are you and what are you doing now?

24 December 2006

Christmas Card ... From. Jiho

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Thank you for coming my Lovely Blog.

How do you have your Christmas?

with Friends?

with Family?

or with your lover?
I hope your Christmas is very and very happy.

Ah... My Christmas?
Umm... Umm...

Please consider who is virgin for 25years. (It's me)

Ah... In addition, I've got Lovely Letter.

OK... It's good mood for drinking alone.


This year is very challenge year for me.

I finised Foundation Course.

I finished Pre-Sessional Coruse.

But... I did not enter University.

Instand of I entered Sussex Language Institute's Intensive English.


so I met lots of good people

Really, I thanks for who know me.


I found these video clips for you on

Please watch these clips by the order.

Ah! I think this Christmas will be White Christmas in the UK.

Because of That

OK.. Anyway... It's also White.


Next Year... will I have which Christmas day?

I hope tomorrow will be better than now for you and me.


I know someone do not celebrate Christmas.

I hope we forget serious problems (especially, Religion) at the moment

and we share Love and Thank for everyone.

Likes This video clip

Merry Christmas!

(P.S.) Thank you for writing comment ^-^

Jiho's E-mail

22 December 2006

Unhappy Letter

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International English Language Testing System
Test Result (Traken 09.Dec.2006)

Listening 6.0 (-) / Reading 6.5 (+1) / Writing 5 (-) / Speaking 5 (-)

So... Overall 5.5 (-)

How do I feel about this letter?

... No comment

As One - Twelve Night

21 December 2006

Welcome back

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To Brighton...

The winter trip is end

BONUS : London Trafalgar square

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Merry Christmas!

Fog... again

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It looks nice but is terrible and horrible for traffic.

Manchester China Arch

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When i visited this city last January, i was superised by i saw many Asian [especial, Chinese]

Manchester has the biggest China town in the UK. [according to my friends]
This arch is the symbol of manchester china town.

Why do many chinese live in manchester?
Well... Who know the answer?

C u ......

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Now i am on the motor way and going to brighton.
My short winter trip is finished.

Daniel and Dave...
They are my best friends and i will miss you.

승오형[Daniel] and 영오형 [Dave]
See you when you visit to Brighton

20 December 2006

Manchester eye(?)

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I want to take that with a girl friend.
[just moment! Where is my girl friend?]

Night of manchester

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Manchester arndale

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A big shopping centre in manchester

Manchester city centre

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It's christmas!

Now we are playing

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Our afternoon opens with games.
WoW and Winning Eleven 10

19 December 2006

Manchester! I come!!!

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For 10 hours trip...
I arrive this city.

Ok! Let's start drink! [where]

Go to Manchester

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I cannot spend the holiday without travel.
So i m going to manchester by cuty
Wait my lovely two enemies in manchester. ^^;;;

[moblog] take from London greenline coach station

18 December 2006

New meeting

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A Korean TV camera man had developed leuklemia because he got lots of vaccine before when he took the TV documentary in Africa. This disease caused hit vaccine side effect.

Anyway... He recovered his health. Hospital said that case is miricle.

When he met a news site, he said that
"Psychiatrist advised to me that 'Do try make new relationship' because if I see before colleagues, I will get serious stress and it isn't to help me"

Now I met my friend who studied Foundation course wiht me on messenger.
Suddenly, I remember the nightmare of Sussex House.
I've got Just 6 month.

Can I enter uni this year?
However, yet my UCAS form isn't finished.

Really, don't you add my e-mail or number on your Messenger???
(If you forget my e-mail[msn] or number[icq], Please write comment...)

16 December 2006

What a wonderful weather!!!!

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Sunshine! I really miss you.

[moblog / picture is taken from my house living room]

[Addition] 15:40 (PM 3:40)
When brighton is sunny weather, The weather of South Korea is...

(the Photo from my friend)

14 December 2006

Who is misfortune at the Christmas?

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No 1 / Who does not have any appointment in the Christmas 30%
No 2 / Who works in the christmas 26%
No 3 / Who spends time in the christmas alone 22%
No 4 / Who sleeps whole day in the christmas 16%
No 5 / Who has the christmas with same gender friends 3%
Reference : Internet Survery at

Important point!
No 1, No 3, No 4 and No 5 are MY CASE!!!!!

13 December 2006

Maybe, someone know what this picture means....

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Que (hint)

12 December 2006

Party in king's road.

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Sometimes i felt i live in THAILAND.
Thank you... Lovely my friends

About my English...

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When I discuss Jennifer who teached me at the Intensive English course about my current English Level.

Other people think my English level is Intermediate.
However, I say thay "MY English Level is bottom video clip"

Of course, they disagree of my thinking.

On the other hand, I must get IELTS overall 6.5 for entering univ..
Is it possible?

Maybe... I think everyone say same answer of this question.

And I must break their answer about this question.

It's now my goal
If you are
Sussex Language Institute Invensive English Group 2 or IELTS studients.
(If you don't want to show your face on the Internet, Please say me)

11 December 2006

The first day of winter vacation

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[This post is written by blogger mobile. In other words, it is written by my mobile phone]
I got the vacation for a month.
The first day, i enjoyed to sleep until afternoon.
However, i am not happy now.
I heard a terrible news.
[it is not My IELTS result]

09 December 2006

Dream of My life - Shin Seung Hun

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An Korean woman is letting her hair down.
Antoher Korean and German girl is sleeping in the Air plane.
An Spanish guy works hard with dreaming back to home for vacation.
Also, a slovakian wonen works hard and dream same thing.
A Korean guy drinks alchol with his room mates.
An Venezuelaian girl has nice saturday with her mother.
Two japanese girls are preparing to go to party.
An Cameroon guy see these girls.
An Chinese man works on the road with terrible traffic situation.
An British women enjoy the affternoon wtth coffee.
An British girl's mother consider her children's meal.
An Iranian guy see the letter about when he enter the army.
An Saudi man is reading book quiet.
And an UAE man takes a rest because he finish his one of big challenges.

After I cried in front of Sussex House.
(If don't you know here, Please ask to MOE)
I didn't think I stay here.
However, the situation was changed
I met another friends.

You know? when I enter this course my emotion was so bad.
So I did too bad behaviour to us.
And I really thank you for they understand me.
Yet I do not believe Hee Bin, Doo Ri and Simone are leaving.
(Of course, Hee Bin is in the Brighton yet)
Thank you

Really I will miss you.
I think I am not good friend and stduent of you. Sorry...


Intensive English Group II


06 December 2006

Take a the rest...

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Recently, my friends say they are depressed now.
Because they do not adapted Lovely(?) British weather...
Also, This winter is second winter in Britain for me but... OK...
So I prepare this music for depress person.
Take a Rest!

05 December 2006

Congraduation! you have done the your exam!

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This music is the present
for Sussex Language Institude's Invensive English Group II
and IELTS class.

Will you write the COMMENT?
(If would you write the COMMENT, Please click HERE)