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28 February 2007

Again, I stand alone...

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Almost my friends do not know
I have very serious problems.
Just "Jiho feel is not good"

When I opened my email box
I saw FUCKING University of Sussex UG Admission Office's letter.
(So Yesterday I sent TERRIBLE REPLY to them, I do not need to contact them anymore...)

I asked some universities information to My agency
But... I do not get good information.

Anyway... I stand alone.

Really, do not they know my mind and situation?

21 February 2007

Football & Beer

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It's a mirage which makes i forget my tears at the moment.

[p.s.] barcelona vs liverpool... It's very enjoyable match.


20 February 2007

Rubbish night

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It was quiet Okay before about 6pm.
Yes... It is true.
It is Right.
It is Common.
University of Sussex, They give another serious shame to me.
I'm not sad
I don't show tears.
Just I feel my head is formatted.
In addition,
Tonight football match was RUBBISH
Thank you for your comment.
But Please don't advise about Activity Course to me.

19 February 2007

My favourite room in Russel Building

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This is warmer than other rooms, very quiet and has fine view.
This room's brightness is like my mind. Two bright windows but room is slightly dark.

When does the room in my mind's light turn on?


13 February 2007

The girls of 49th Grammy

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Dixie Chicks - Not Ready To Make Nice
(Album of the year, Record of the year, Song of the Year, Country Album and Country Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocal)

49th Grammay Official Online Coverage (Powered by Yahoo)

Deal or NO Deal

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Cardiff University
Absoulty... UNsuccessful


Someone ask me
Deal or No Deal?

Really Good News of...

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Our IELTS class' outstanding classmate, Zuzana got the offer from Univ of Sussex.

"IELTS 6.5 but whole section have to over 6"

She worried that but we know it is very very very (*100) easy for her.

Hu... My offer? I do not know.

11 February 2007

Sunday night with MV

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MV = Music Video
[Video is played by Channel V Korea( )]

09 February 2007

Don't Worry Be Happy

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I really do not want remember this week.
I lost my CARDS (Debit and Cash Card)
Someday, I found my laptop has been had Big damage.
In addition, a university sent unrealistic offer to me.
A university disappointed me seriously.
Ah... Someone said very terrible story to me.
(It was like of last summer's nightmare)
Anyway... This week is gone.
I do not know which terrible situation will show next week to me.
Ray (our class tutor) teached this song
I was able to smile at the moment.

Don't Worry Be Happy - Bobby Mc Ferrin
To. University of Sussex Underground Admission Officer
I do not need to get the UNconditional offer.
Really, I hope to get the SAME conditional Offer which you sent me Last year.
(P.S. 2)
I found someone who fixed this blog post's GRAMMAR MISTAKE.
Because I am student who learned English Language of Forienger
So, I know this Blog has lots of English Grammar mistake.
Could you help me?

07 February 2007

Happy between Sad

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When I arrived London, I recieved a e-mail from UCAS.
This letter means my UCAS track system add new reply.
YES... One university adapt me...

OK... Thank you University of Leeds...
However, Do you think can I get 7.5 in IELTS?
Of course, it will possible after some years but...
the problem is now...
Actually, I think it is one expression of unsuccessful.
I worry one of six universities' which I applied reply.
Already, three universities left me.
Also, I am not sure other three universities will send coditional offer.
Especially, I do not know Univ of Sussex's respond.
They sent conditional offer last year for me.
Also, I want to believe they will send same offer of last year.
For two hours, I forget this problem.
Because I went to the London for watching Korean national team's football match.
At the moment, I happied because my country team won.

Some years ago, anyone predicted Korean football beat European team.

I hope same miricle show to me in this year.

06 February 2007


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My Second Reply from Goldsmiths College.

Really, I expect they would send CONDITIONAL OFFER to me.

However, they REJECTED my application.

I cannot understand why they rejected me.

I really disapointment of Goldsmiths.
They give serious SHAME to me.

Really, Really, I cannot understand
F*****G Goldsmiths Admission officer.

F""K OFF, Goldsmiths!

05 February 2007


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I feel it comes again now.

(If you do not know about the Nightmare of last summer)
(Please see this blog's August and September articles in 2006)