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31 August 2007

Huck! I lost The Final of Big Brother 2007.

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I haven't known today is the final day of Big Brother 2007.
(It's first time since when I watch Big Brother)

However, I watch Brian's interview (with Davina) on Channel 4+1.
(Lovely, Freeview)

Um... Brian it the winner of Big Brother 2007 and the holder of £100,000.
I hope Amanda and Sam's win.

Congratulation, Brian. You are so fun and have given lol.

The result news :

Just moment... Will Celebrity Big Brother on air?

09 August 2007

The End of The World... Again

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I seem to forget why I am here - Oxford.

It's the final chance for me. If I fail this course, My life will be NO WAY.

I have finished Final test of Pre-Sessional Course (Oxford Brookes University).

It's absolutely horrible.

I could not understand the lecture for listening exam.

I could not take the reading exam. (Section 3 is absolutely BLANK)

And I wrote one of the horrible essay.

If you ask why you did not take the exam well.

I can say just "Sorry, I did not prepare that"

Yes... It's true.

I do not care this exam. Just I think "OK.. It will be easy"

Why?... I cannot say why I thought...

Yes.. It's perfectly my fault.

Now I serious worry about fail.

If I do not fail, it should be that my assignment result rescues me.

However, The final score is Exam 60% and Assignment 30%. (10% is attention)

It's the last chance.

I should concentrate this course but I do not do that now.

I am not vistior of Oxford.

I should be the student of this university!!!

Sorry for my family, friends and tutors...

I showed very poor + horrible ability to them.

Skeeter Davis - The end of the world

(P.S) Today Daily Mail's news article.
Why did Cancer Research UK show this news resource to the public?
When I see this article, I think today my horrible exam.
Cancer cases spiralling - modern living to blame (Daily Mail)