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30 July 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!

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It's my 26th birthday cake (or Breakfast)

29 July 2007

This is Oxford.

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Sorry!!! I haven't connected the Internet for long time.
Because I do not have my Internet account from Oxford Brookes Univ. yet.
I expect I will get the account on Monday (Tomorrow). If it isn't, Inshalla!
So.. This is Coffee Republic (one of the coffee store in the UK) and I post this article by Payment wireless Internet service (The Cloud).

OK... I am here for one week. Not short or Not long period.
Unfortunately, I am SAME as when I was on South Korea, London or Brighton.
OK!! I will study hard!!

Last week, this city was so busy because Flooding.
However, my residence is located the high area in Oxford so I do not have any damage about Flooding. (Sorry! It's not you wanted)
Just... the train does not go to London directly. (Take the replacement bus from Oxford station and you can take the train at Didcot Parkway station to Reading or London // Detail info
However, the weather is getting better now.

I hope I post my life and study in Oxford soon. (by my uni account)
Do not worry! It could be come soon.

(P.S) Quite Sad news for me. 30th July (Tomorrow) is my 26th Birthday.

21 July 2007

It's the last night in Brighton.

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I cannot believe that I will sleep at other city tomorrow.
However, It's true.

Today is the last night in Brighton.
I have stayed here for one year approximately.

Yes.. actually, I do not want to move another city.
I feel very comport in this city and want to stay more.
However, my current situation does not allow I stay here more.
(Yes! English Language Problem!)
Maybe... Tomorrow I know that...
"I left the busiest city at night, the sweetest city in the UK."
And missing them.
Univ of Sussex, Royal Pavilion, Marina, Brighton &Hove Beach, Fat boy slim's new year party, Churchil Square, Kemp Town, Honeyclub, The beach (club), Pool Valley Bus station, Brighton Station, Southern (train), Lewis, Seven sisters, North lane, Drunk night (weekends), The Provindence, Easy bar, 25, 49, N25, Brighton & Hove Bus, Moulsecombe, Sainsbury, ASDA, Ottogi (Korean Food Shop), TESCO, Somerfileds, London road, Lewis road, North Street, Old stain, Brighton Pier, West Pier, Tuk Tuk, Brighton Taxies, Hove DHL, West Street, Event II, ODEON, Cineworld, Weatherspoon, one stop shop, Hu... Etc.
Good BYE! I will miss you which is lovely city in my heart.

12 July 2007

Sorry. It's my IELTS result.

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I expected to recieve the result on next Monday but...
It comes today...

Listening 6 -> Well, it's better i Expected.
Reading 6 -> AS I expected.
Writing 5 -> Yes.. It's right
Speaking 5 -> Of course...

So.. Overall 5.5 Again....

Yes.. it's time to move Oxford. Sorry.

10 July 2007

To Pakistani Government and People in Red Mosque

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Why are lots of Pakistani soldiers, polices and students fighting and killing?

Photo from BBC NEWS

Relative News

Pakistan militant cleric killed [BBC NEWS]

Pakistan's Red Mosque leader killed [Aljazeera English]

(Add) I talked with my roommates who comes from Pakistan. They think it is very shameful situation and do not believe students who are in Red mosque are relative with Terror Group such as Taliban.

07 July 2007

Today is 7, July.

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Yesterday, I just thought 'Live Earth' Concert.

Yes.. It's very amazing concert.

Lots of musician sing for a serious problem, 'Global Warming'.

Also, I am watching South Africa concert live streaming now.

Anyway, today is one of the sad historical day in the UK.

About two years ago, some of London transports were attracted by bomb.

It didn't pass 24 hours when London hold 2012 Olympic.

(Relative site : In Depth London Attacks [BBC NEWS])

After two years, most of people look like to forget this incident.

Okay... After two year, which newses are listed on BBC news web site?

We have enjoyed the 'Live Earth' Concert and thought 'Climate change' with lots of people. Good.

Also, BBC Gaza correspond, Alan Johnston, who was kidnapped by an armed group in Gaza, returned to his house. Good.

Wow.. After two years, our world finds the peace finally, doesn't it?

Hang on minute! What's the headline? 'Iraq market truck bomb kills 105'

Oh my dear... After two years, we see the massacre again?

06 July 2007

2007 AFC Asian Cup Special -> Aljazeera "SportsWorld"

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Sportsworld, which is Sports News show of Aljazeera English News Channel(, special edition for 2007 AFC Asian Cup (Football).

These clips show South east Asia countries' football culture and these national football teams' level, Middle East and Australian football teams' strategy. Also, they analysis the doping problem of Tour de France.

05 July 2007

I should say "Congratulation Sochi" but...

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Sochi wins
The Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi has beaten off competition from
Pyeongchang in South Korea and Austria's Salzburg to host the 2014 Winter
Olympic Games. Sochi won 51:47 against Pyeongchang in the second round of voting
at the 119th IOC session in Guatemala.

From Russia Today (

I'm Korean
My country bided 2014 Winter Olympic Game.

I expected we can have Winter Olympic Game but...

How do I understand this terrible situation... Just sad..

Sorry PyeongChang(

(More Realtive News Clip from Russia Today)

03 July 2007

Why am I in England.

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OK... I want to discuss about this news article with you.
Please read this article before when you read this post.

English Is The Golden Tongue for S. Koreans
SEOUL -- Just a week into his summer vacation, 15-year-old Min-Kyu Kim
already has a tight schedule and ambitious goals: On this particular day, he
intends to memorize 600 words of English vocabulary, solve 10 pages of SSAT math
problems and take practice tests for English. He estimates the tests... more – by Joohee Cho

From (The Washington Post)

1, I met my Korean friend on an Instant Messenger.
Friend: "I do not understand why people study at oversea country"
Me: "Why?"
Friend: "Because I think if someone study more incentive, it's enough in my country"
I did not answer that because I agree with him.

2, Some months ago, my sister couple traveled some European countries and I traveled France and Italy with them.
The one thing that I surprised to them was they communicated better than me in there. Of course, they speak a bit of English and don't speak other languages.
My sister husband said "Simply the best"

3, I serious consider to attend Pre-sessional course from 23rd, July at Oxford Brookes University.
The problem is money. The course fee and housing fee are quiet expensive for me. (About... more than £2500 together)
If I got IELTS overall 6 (with Reading and Writing over 6), I do not need to attend that course. But...

How much have I spended money and time for learning English?
And, how much improve my English?
Why do I learn English in the UK where has lots of incidents?

The answer is Oh My GOD...

(P.S.) I want to share another news article form South Korea. This news article is about a man who has been rejected his UK student visa from embassy of United Kingdom in South Korea. This article is written by Korean and I show the article is translated to English by Google Translate tool.
From CBS NoCut News ( [Korean])

(P.S.2) Anyway What's your opinion about this news article?
Is it good for Korean or not? Please write your comment here.