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07 August 2008

Bad spelling 'should be accepted' (BBC NEWS)

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Common spelling mistakes should be accepted into everyday use, not corrected, a professor has said. Ken Smith says the most common spelling mistakes should simply be accepted as "variant spellings".
Um.. If is it accepted, My grade might be increased
Ah! My POOR Grammar.... :(
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06 August 2008

US beef sparks South Korean concerns (From Al Jazeera English)

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High on the agenda during Bush's visit to South Korea will be the quality and safety of US beef. After months of protests, the US president will try to reassure South Koreans that American beef is safe to eat. Al Jazeera's Mike Kirsch goes to the US state of Nebraska to investigate the health concerns.


Could you watch this video clip? because it is the reason of South Korean protests against to importing US Beef for long time.

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