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28 February 2006

Hello! This is LIVE J

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One of Korean adult pop song’s title is “Life is Live”.

Life is live…
Yes… It’s correct.

Live broadcasting dose not have NG.
A little bit mistakes are relative broadcasting accident.
So, always live broadcasting’s studio has deep tension,

This blog changes to new name.
Live J…
All thing of Jiho are update in here,
It looks like Big brother’s live version.

Many things are not changed.
Some things are changed and add.
Of course, new type article will update here.

This blog needs visitor’s respond.
So, I really need your comment.
This blog’s goal is just update my story while include many people’s story.
Reuters news and my blog link site will help that.

New start…
Hello! This is LIVEJ.

26 February 2006

Some figure skating

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Photo by REUTERS

Today, Winter Olympic is end.
Last 17days, many athlete ran, jumped and tri hard for got good score and medal.

I have one emotional situation in this Olympic.
That is not Korean team’s Medal ranking 7th, got the all medal in Short-track medal of Korean athlete.

13, Feb, 2006 in Torino…
There had Pairs free skating of Figure Skating.
When I saw that, Russian team showed fantastic skating.
They skating were really fantastic and perfect.
Of course, they were world ranking 1st.

However, the event had after Russian team.
Free skating’s order decided by before Short program grade.

Russian team’s grade was 2nd in short program.
Finally, Free skating reminded just one team’s skating.

They were Chinese.
If they showed perfect skating, China could get gold medal of Figure skating pair part.

However, they had big problem.
When they started skating, female skater had fall.
It was terrible of China team.
Already, Gold medal went to Russia.
(Then, Russia team’s rank was 1st)

However, they had skating.
It was so beautiful and perfect.
If they had not female skater falling, they had to get gold medal.

When they finish skating, female skater’s tears was showed on TV and I know.
When she had fall, she had big injure.
I surprised. “Is that skated by injury skater??”

Relative news (From BBC SPORT)
Russians triumph in skating drama

I think me…
They had perfect skating even big injury.
However, I have apologized poor tools and ability.
They skating tell me something.
What is something?

25 February 2006

Oh! No!

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Where are them???

24 February 2006

Jiho's dream

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When come the day?
The program is maken by me, the day.
It is my dream.

Photo . Aljazeera News room . from Ohmynews international (

[notice] This blog will update Reuters Video news.

Enjoy Jiho's story and world news in here.

Thank you Reuters

13 February 2006

Incerdible... Incredible... What????

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Maybe, you make block-buster film
by just 6mm camera and tripod.

Yes… It is incredible.

However, today…

A Korean sprinter makes that.

He gets the bronze medal in 500m speed skating
even poor equipment and sponsor.
Joey Cheek of the U.S. celebrates his gold medal in the men's speed skating 500 metres race in front of Lee Kang-seok of Korea who took bronze at the Torino 2006 Winter Olympic Games at Oval Lingotto in Turin, Italy February 13, 2006. REUTERS/Jerry Lampen

12 February 2006

Today's Photo

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Apolo Anton Ohno, of the United States, (254) stumbles in his semifinal heat in the 1500 meter event at Short Track Speedskating at the Winter Olympic Games in Turin, Italy Sunday, Feb. 12, 2006. Second from left is the winner of the heat Li Ye, of China, who won with a a time of 2:19.386. From right are Italy's Fabio Carta, Belgium's Pieter Gysel (207), The Netherland's Cees Juffermans (244) , Li, and Ohno. (AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)

Ahn Hyun-soo from Korea celebrates his victory in the men's 1500 metres Short Track Speed Skating final at the Torino 2006 Winter Olympic Games in Turin, Italy, February 12, 2006. REUTERS/Lee Jae-Won

09 February 2006


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It ARE for you

08 February 2006

The cause of drinking

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How Do me?

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I remember in 2000, first winter.

"Jiho can you try apply another university? It is too high for you"
"Yes.. Yes... However, I really want enter here"
"OK.. I will write application form... I think you cannot enter here"

It would be true of me.
All university was failed...

Next chance was College. However, just one college adpted me.
(It was add successful)

Of course, I do not regret my college.
I got a lot of knowage and experience of my college.
It is good experiece of me.

However, I want to learn my interesting subject. It is media.

Today, UCAS track system give strange emotion to me.
I cannot Laugh or cry.

I really want entering first and secound university is failed.
However, third and fourth give confitional offer to me.
(fifth and sitth is do not contect to me. Just they recieved my application form)

Fortunenally or Unfortuneally...

(Photo:my ucas track system)

05 February 2006

Mind the accidnet

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Accident scene

Recently, some dream in my country broadcasting is suddenly interrupted.

The reason is hero and heroin’s car had accident during taking drama.

They had serious injury and Production team could not take next scenes.

Finally, Broadcasting Company decided this drama’s broadcast will reserve until recover Actor and Actress.

Today, Alex has injury of his finger during taking film.

When he has injury, I thought it is not serious.

However, we working have interrupted now from his injury.

He is director and hero of this project.
So, we damage is serious.

It is our team’s false.
Firstly, Alex’s had mistake of safety during taking film.
Secondly, anyone did not consider injury situation.
If someone alarmed this scene’s dangerous or tried change acting.
This accident did not happen.

Tomorrow, we will discuss measure of this accident.
We film have to finish until Friday.
Fortunately, our team have our camera and tape. (It is Alex’s)
So, we can consider change actor or find another way.

However, we think it before finished film.
It is Alex’s recovered.

(Last week, our Isabelle teacher had car accident and today is Alex had accident...)

related prop

His blood in bathroom

His Camera

Jiho's First Music Video | Delight by PSY

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If you cannot see this video

04 February 2006

Oh! Ji sung Park!!!!

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When I came to London, he also came to Manchester.

When he plays broadcasting by SKYSPORTS, I supported him of loudly voice.


He makes goal against FULLHAM.

It is his FIRST GOAL in premiere league and second goal in UK.
(His first goal in UK is 21.Feb.2005 against Birmingham city in Carling-cup)

Now, my heart is flutter because of him.

If you want detail about this story
Please Click Here (BBC sport)

02 February 2006

04.Jan.2006 And ...

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Today is special day because of I write two article in my blog on one day.

04 January 2006...
I finished travel in Brighton and moved to Manchester.
However, Brighton did not have direct line to Manchester.
So, I traveled via London to Manchester.

Bus well ran in Brighton & Hove.
However, suddenly Bus had big problem.
It was bus's window wiper do not working.

So, I waited a lot of time at some area.
There is SUSSEX university.

When I lived there.
In my head is just university's worry.
Especially, Sussex university need 70% and I applied there.
So, I think I will cannot enter there.

After 1 hour... Emergency Bus came to Sussex university and I leaved there.

Today... (02.Feb.2006)
When I finished my class.. (SSayng!! Why 218 printer's tonner was empty!!!)

I back to my lovely G block (remeber~ G127 ^^;)

I updated my musicvideo on google video.
(someday! (not far!) you can see jiho's musicvideo in here by google video)
I checked my e-mail.

One mail arrived from UCAS.
It mean my UCAS track system is update.

So, I connected UCAS track system and prayed.
"Please... Never unsuccesful..."

Finally, I have first conditional offer.
Where is it? I do not say thay...
Because you know already...

(Foundation over 65% / IELTS 6.5 (Reading & writing over 6

Olga, Happy birthday to you

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original Version

Explain Version

Today is Olga's birthday.
(I have not know her birthday still her say)
So... We have celebartion photo.
Let's enjoy ^^;
And!! Do not forget writing Comment

AM 03:55...

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This is Jiho's Laptop at AM 3:55

Left window : (bussinss news channel)
Rignt up windon : (Korean 24hours news channel)
Right down window : (Korean music channel)