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22 October 2007

Lost Passion...

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I want to ask myself.

Do I have passion of my study now?
Do I have passion of my life now?

Human Communication,
Introduction of Arts Management & Admission,
Human Development & Learning,
Understanding Media,
AND Popular music and film music: Listening Skill.

When I attend these module, I cannot find my passion of my study.
Just.. I heard the lecture passively.

I want to be a active learner.
Really, When I got the Uncondional offer from UCAS.
I decided to be active learner.

However... After 7weeks...
I do not know...

What am I doing?
Am I going well?

Hey! Ji Ho, You are a student!!

15 October 2007

On brookes Bus [U1, Harcourt Hill -> Gipsy Lane]

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Late arrival...
This incident gives very unhappy accident to me sometimes...

Today, i arrived at harcourt hill about 30 minutes later. [However, it's before the lecture]

Monday breakfast class, Human communication.
Today, i examined our and others' poster with our team members.
Okay... Our one is not bad than others. [I hope so]

The terrible incident happend after then.
I took the quiz.
I believed i might be solve easily.

My expection is perfectly wrong.
I wrote the answer on wrong side.
Blanks were more than answers.

Recently, i`ve faced a lot of strange situations.
These things might be effect to my study.
[in addition, i'm toooooooooooo lazy]

Hey... Jiho.
You are an international student.
Your learning process is different from British.
C O N C E N T R A T E ! ! !

Long time No write... (Pu... Sorry..)

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Sorry.. I have not written new posts on here.

1,I am so BUSY ^_____________________^;;;;

Who said the First year is clubbing season!

It's wrong! At the least, for International Students!!!

OK... I might be have very small task (Homework) than you.

However, the difficulty is different between British and a dullness Korean.
I might be spend most of time for doing task. (Really??)

OK.. This is my time table for 2007/08 first semester.

I attend 5 modules. (Wow~~)

In addition, I have two special lecture, which is not listed on timetable (Yes.. It's optional but I interest in), Monday Afternoon and Wednesday Morning.

Bingo! I am a five day attendance student! (Hang on, Was I a five day attendance student at my Korean College?)

Anyway... It's very tough schedule.

2,YES... I am a LAZY...

One of the my favourite TV programme, 'Lazy Town'! (How old am I?)

Hang on? Is it relatied with my lazy life?? (Well... It is not...)

Anyway... Yes. I'm so lazy.

So.. I have used FACEBOOK!!! (Sorry. Google Blogger)

OK... Less Facebooking and More Blogging... I will.

3,Lots of technical problems.

My laptop was broken again so it went to ACER service centre two weeks ago but it will go again because my speaker is not working well (Sound with noise). Oh my god...

In addition, I losted my mobile phone and found nextday (without SIM card so I bought replacement SIMcard)

Wow.. How's the earth moving? I do not know...

Anyway... It's time for sleeping because I have to get up at 6.