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30 August 2006

Why does Jiho carry the laptop to classroom???

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My lovely Laptop's weight is 2.86 kg. (6.3 lbs)
Of course, it is lighter than my old lapop (that was 3.2kg) but it is hard to carry.
(About my lovely laptop infomation -> Click here [PDF])

However I have carried that from this year January, when I went to Foundation course.

Usually, I bought this one for Video editing and this one's price is too high, (Maybe, it is more expensieve than my Korean home's computer) so my plan was keeping that in my room, but I changed my plan.

At then, one of big problem of me was copying the whiteboard handwriting. Some teacher's handwriting was a little bit bad so I hard recognized the that and I tried find the solution.

It is Microsoft Office's Winnote. Usually, this program optimised to Tablet Laptop but can use common laptop. so I decided using that.

Why was this one the soilution? ^^;;; The cause is Spelling Checking fuction. (But usually this function worked of USA English function so...)

Anyway... I have used my laptop in the classroom for eight month.
Now I give rest to my laptop.
It means I will not carry my laptop to classroom until when I need that again.

Anyway... Tutors... Please know that..

(If you want to know about Microsoft Winnote. Please click this article's title)

29 August 2006

Start my Last chance, Pre-sessional C

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Shayne Ward - That's My Goal

From Today... The Pre-sessional C is started.
This course is pre-sessional courise's finale because this course's result decide can I enter the University.
New group and New classroom.
Whole things are strange of me even I am lived for 2 months.

The way to university is too tough of me.
Never easy and soft.
Maybe I will book return ticket but I really do not want to that.

All things are changed.
And from tomorrow I will start new curiculm.
(Today is Introduction...)

After a month...
Can I still live in here and will sing this one in front of my house?

28 August 2006

Top Of The Pops

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Before when I start Pre-Sessional Course C, I think about Top of The Pops.

This programme is BBC's represent Music show Programme but finished at 30.July.2006. (My 25th Birthday) because BBC do not have competitive power against Music channels (such as MTV,BOX...) and the Internet (such as YouTube, MySpace...).

When I was chind, Music show programme was my recharger and amuse. Especially, when I worked at the fire station. (Duty) This programme was essential item of me. However now? Hu....

Anyway, today I saw the news article about Music show programmes' view point. In short, these programmes are competieve with the National anthem's view point. (In my country's National anthem view point means too lowest view point. In other words, anyone do not watch that)

In addition, some biggest Cable and SAT channels try make their own programme against existing TV stations. (such as BBC,ITV..) Usually, Production part was just for existing TV station but this concept is breaking now.

In the future...
Which enviroment will meet me?

(About Top of the Pops)

24 August 2006

Bigbrother 7's Final

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Last Friday....
UK's horrible and great (??) reality show, Big Brother's seventh season was finished.

The winner is Pete. Of course, the second position went to Glyn.

However it is not this article's topic.
I write about Nikki.

I expected Nikki get the third position but it went to Aisleyne.
Her position was the fifth...

When she heard her name from outside from Davina.
Her face looked like who was punched by powerful boxer.
And broadcasting accident started.

Usually, Final day's interview have at outside special studio and it is Live.
Evicted BB housemate say about memory of BB and guessing the winner.

However NiKKi's second evicted interview was accident.
She could not walk to BB special SET and did not have well interview.

Davina asked a lot of question but she was not answered and just said that "I'm so scared"

Of course, after then her condition was well.

I'm so scared...
I'm so scared...I'm so scared...

Now our class' mind likes that.
Today I recieved the Literature Review from Penny Ann.
Of course, Its result is good for me.
I show increase mark than before my writing.

However... I just passed that.
In addition, I think my classmate's mark are better than me.
(because my mark is the cut line.)

I'm so scared.
Tomorrow morning, I will recieve the final letter from Geraldine.
Sure, it is not final decision for entering university.
Yet, I have one chance so it is middle checking of my English ability.

However, I worried that...
If I failed the pass.

Then... the situaion will be horrible.

(About BigBrother 7 ->

23 August 2006

Where am I? (before take the exam)

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Some day ago, I saw some articles on my blog.
Do you remember? (Maybe… Anyone is NOT…)
My blog’s first moto… “No grammar, No spelling”
When I review my articles, Really they are No grammar and No spelling.
However they are good experience of me because My English ability are increased by them.
Of course, now my English ability is not good. Never… it is terrible.
Maybe… yet I do not escape from the Teletubbie land.
(What is Teletubbies?? Oh my goodness!! Please click here)
However really is my English growing up?
I think my position is same point from when I arrive in UK.
Is it my a hallucination?

(P.S.) When I write this article, I think this book. Please click.

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