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05 April 2010

Football on Sky3D, Interesting experience but…

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Yesterday, BSkyB official started football live coverage broadcasting on 3D.
They picked Manchester United verse Chelsea as the 3D launching match and I watched.
I don’t want posting about yesterday nightmare as a Manchester United fan. It's explained by just one word, Disgraceful.
This posting talks (?) about 3D TV.
Okay… I want to show a BSkyB advert.
This advert is not made for 3D TV promotion but I believe this advert could demonstrate my impression of 3D TV.
I feel the main purpose of 3D technology is audiences feel actual distance and volume of objects.
I feel Sky Sports 3D coverage tried emphasise this feeling. Especially, when they use computer graphic.
As this point of view, Sky Sports 3D coverage is slightly disappointed for me.
Usually, football coverage shows bird-eye view from top centre of stadium.
However, I could not feel volumes of objects on this point of view.
It was just High Definition (HD) Quality video coverage as my impression.

Moreover, 3D coverage does not show various scenes as general football coverage.
In other words, Sky Sports HD(SD) coverage and Sky Sports 3D use different video sources and commentary teams.
I felt it is caused by BSkyB doesn’t have enough 3D cameras as HD cameras so they broadcasted quite limited scenes.

Meanwhile, my favourite scene of that 3D coverage was when Sir Alex Ferguson (Manager of MAN UTD) sat on the bench.
Sir Alex appearance was contrasted other supporters appearances.
Like this photo
Bayern Munich vs Manchester United
(It’s not from MAN UTD v Chelsea. It’s from Bayern v MAN UTD (Champions Leagues Quarter Final 1st Leg))
‘close up’ is the best angle for demonstrating 3D coverage.
Easily audience recognise the volume and distance of objects on that point of view.
Yes, It’s quite exciting moment when I watching 3D coverage.

Finally, I am not sure this coverage cause dizzy, tired & headaches.
When I wore 3D glasses, I did not have any problem for watching other objects.
But when I watch 3D coverage without 3D glasses it makes me quite dizzy.

As my point of view 3D coverage still has various barriers for its spreading.
Cost of TV, Production facilities and some angle does not represent 3D impact well.
I believe 3D broadcasters need to develop 3D broadcasting technical skills for wide shot.
As I said, I didn’t feel any difference between 3D and 2D coverage of this angle.

Next 3D match is Blackburn v Manchester United and I might watch it on 3D again.
Well… Because I am still interest in this development.
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