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27 April 2006

What purpose this video?

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I see this clip on Google Video popular section.

Title is 'Russian Climbing' and Introduction just write "Crazy!!"
Really this clip made by crazy Russian boys?

When I see this clip I think my classmate Alex.
When I finish last term, his short film played on temporary college cinema.
Maybe.. Its title is IN**.. Oh! dear.. I forget that.
(Sorry.. Alex !.!)

Why I think his film?
Maybe.. Director's nationality are same Russian ???
I think it is wrong.

Anyway.. Now is 01:00
It's sleeping thime

25 April 2006

What is this TV advertisment??

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Answer is this video clip's LAST part.

Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

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It would be ART over Pop music.
Do not need any comments.

Volume Up your speaker and Feeling that

23 April 2006

Two chinese Huston fan's 'I want it that way (by BSB)'

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Perfect Lip-sync
Fantastic Face acting
It's my style!!!

Perfect TV Advertisement!

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Do you want to BUY it?
Who is this AD model?

20 April 2006

Tonight, my mind is too depressed.

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This is Dok-do island.
Maybe, someone knows this island of Takesima island.

Yes… this is the BORDER DISPUTE.
(If do you want to know this news, Please click this line. [News by REUTERS])

I learn and always think “this island must be Korean territory” from birth to now,
However, Japan some politics’ bad attempt is doing now.

If you a little bit know this island’s true, you can know Japan some politicions’ claim is wrong.
Unfortunately, many people do not know that.


Today is Bellerbys and EmbassyCES London Japanese Night.
I know many Japanese students prepare this event and I want to enjoy that.
However, I cannot enjoy this event.

Of course, they do not know Dok-do and Takesima.
In addition, this event do not relative any politics idea.
Its purpose is introduced and enjoyed Japanese culture with all students.
So my mind is too depressed.

Some bad Japanese politicions are made problem my friend relationship.
I am sorry them and want to be they know their country some politicions serious mistake.


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A story of Dok-do Island, A Korea Territory – 1 Article by NEWSTOON
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Jiho's new profile photo

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Photo by REUTERS

Does it look like Jiho?
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18 April 2006

Finish The Easter Vacation

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Photo Now 05:36,18 Apr / This is Bellerbys London
Vacation, it is soft Jazz rythm of me.
Now my life change rock music beat.
Vacation! I always miss you.

Jiho's schadule
Today Media Essay Finish
25 Apr Psychology Essay Finish
13 May Third IELTS (Lee green)
Final Exam (Media and Psychology)