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23 February 2008

Goodbye Oxford and...

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Hello NEW YORK!!!

[14:00 LHR to JFK by VS45(Virgin Atlantic)]

PS1.I will be back to OXFORD on this Friday.
PS2.This post is written and published at London Heathrow Airport.

10 February 2008

Sunday with football

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Left : EPL : Chelsea v Liverpool
Right : Africa Cup of Nations FINAL : Cameroon v Egypt

02 February 2008

The Winner & Loser of 2008-2010 Art Council England Regular funding for organisations in Oxford.

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Today is the important day for subsidised art organisations in England.

Art Council England (ACE) announced 2008/2010 Regular funding for organisations list.

This fund is very important for these organisations because most of them rely on this fund as their budget. If they lose this opportunity, it means they should reduce their scale or close the organisation.

I went some organisations and met artists or art managers in Oxford for last semester.

Of course, this meeting is continue for this semester.


Are they success to get fund?

Referenced from Arts Council England regular funding decisions for 2008-2011 (Arts Council England)


The winners... (Introduction by ACE)

Modern Art Oxford

2008/09 £891,679

2009/10 £995,755

2010/11 £940,480

A major visual arts exhibition space with an established international reputation. Its focus is on one person, group and touring shows of contemporary artists from Britain and around the world.


I think Modern Art Oxford is the biggest art gallery in Oxford. (If I am wrong, Please comment to me ASPA) This gallery is success to get fund and able to manage stability. The interesting point is 2010/11 funding amount is less that 2009/2010 funding.

Anyway... Didn't OVADA ( apply it or ... ?


Oxford Contemporary Music

2008/09 £93,064

2009/10 £126,456

2010/11 £98,157

Oxford Contemporary Music is one of the region’s leading promoters and commissioners of new music, presenting innovative, inspiring and surprising events in a wide range of settings. It programmes a wide diversity of music from within the UK and worldwide and its education and outreach programme takes its work into education and community contexts.


This company's office is located my university's Art department building, where I go every Tuesday 1PM. (It means this organisation has good relationship with my university) They organised interested concerts and education programmes. Also, 2010/11 founding amount is less than 2009/2010. (What will happen at 2011?)


Oxford Playhouse

2008/09 £285,472

2009/10 £293,179

2010/11 £301,095

A mid-scale presenting theatre with some producing in-house that includes commissioning and co-productions. The organisation has begun presenting in their studio and delivers an extensive outreach programme.


One of the biggest theatre at Oxford. (Another theatre is Oxford New Theatre, which is belong to livenation( Ah... I miss the greatest play "Aladdin (Panto)"!! (Am I an Arts Management & Administration student?)


Pegasus Theatre

2008/09 £231,075

2009/10 £310,000

2010/11 £318,370

Pegasus is a centre of excellence for its participatory performing arts work with young people and also presents a programme of professional contemporary dance and theatre.


Pegasus... Pegasus... Pegasus...

They've got the fund again and can keep going their new theatre building plan. When I think this theatre, I just think their new theatre plan. Managers are proud doing this plan and think important. Also, I learn lots of things from them. I hope this budget help their new plan. Anyway... Their funding amount is more than Oxford Playhouse. Um...


Oxfordshire Touring Theatre Company

2008/09 £193,086

2009/10 £198,300

2010/11 £203,654

OTTC is a producing theatre company that tours to rural communities throughout the region, particularly Oxfordshire and Berkshire.


Unfortunately... I will go this company for this semester so I do not have any idea about this company.


Also... The ART organisation in Oxford, which are success to get fund from ACE and I don't know.


Modern Poetry in Translation

Artform: Literature

Region: South East

Constituency: Oxford West and Abingdon

2008/09 £30,000

2009/10 £30,810

2010/11 £31,642

The international magazine for the translation of poetry into English.



Artform: Visual Arts

Region: South East

Constituency: Oxford East

2008/09 115,852

2009/10 118,980

2010/11 122,192

A creative company working with artists to support new thinking and practice for the built environment and public space across the South East region.


The loser...

Anjali Dance Company

This company cannot receive the fund for two years from ACE. I am shocked this news because I don't understand why they lose funding.

This dance company is slightly different from other contemporary dance company because it organised by learning disability dancers. Their performance quality is high and has some education programme for learning disability children. I think these activity is enough for achieving the funding from ACE... However, today, they face very strong challenge. I hope they will deal with this problems.


Ok... It's done... However, I think most of art organisations are not happy with the amount of funding. (Yes... The problem might be Olympic but I do not know...) Maybe... they are happy just to get fund from ACE because lots of organisations lose.

Okay... How about my country?

Also, they are hungry for doing art...


Cheer up, British and Korean artists and art managers!


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