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29 June 2007

Yes... Enjoy Myself..

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Song (The Specials - Enjoy Yourself)

Bloody IELTS finished.
Yes.. I can enjoy for two weeks until when the result paper arrived.

However... I should drink alone.
Because everyone are busy.

(P.S) I heard this song from 'Party Animal' which is one of the BBC dramas. Suddenly, I remember some scenes of that drama

28 June 2007

Game Over. Insert the coin. (after IELTS Speaking)

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Already... I am hopeless after morning task.

And now, i have just finished my Speaking task.

Part 1. I had a quesition my city (Where I was born) and rain.
Part 2. About the cloth which I recently bought.
Part 3. These questions about Fashion (80%) and Shopping(20%).

Firstly, I failed to control my voice speed. I spoke generally when I speak with my friends.
(many people think it is not a problem but it is my serious weakness)

Secondly, I did not checked my pronouncations. Really, I spoke some wrong pronouncation.

Thirdly, Lots of times, I felt a panic so I did not answered well.

OK... Perfectly... I have taken very very disapointed exam.
How do I do? Yes... it's time for drinking.

From Oxford circus, London

Bloody IELTS

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I have finished three tasks of IELTS just now and review my tasks in Apple Store, Regent Street.

I am very affraid after three weeks when I get the result.
Perfectly, My tasks are ruined.

1 -> About property (Talk with Agency and who want to buy the home)
It's Quiet OKAY...

2 -> introduction of Rivertrip.
Slightly.. Hard

3 -> Tutorial about Academic Essay.
Oh my god.. How the earth is moving?

4 -> Lecture about good or bad of insects
I've lost two questions... Yes... Game Over.

1 -> Social Marketing Skills
OK... I interested in this topic.

2 -> How people collect natural Perfume?
Oh my God... Who said the picture question is harder than to find heading...

3 -> A reports of children's psychology development.
Hu.. I do not know... How did I answer that...

1 -> Two barcharts about perfomance of a Bus company.
On is Bus arrived on time. (This figure is compared with the company's target) Another is the number of complain.

Oh dear... Fortunetly, I did not write SHOPPING LIST but I worry it was under 150 words.
And I did not write Conclusion.

2 -> Why young people leave the school and how we solve this problem... (like that)

Oh my god! I can answer this question! But!! It's nightmare.

OK I have just a task, Speaking. It is 5PM... (Lovely..)
But I think to find the alternative way. I'm sure it is not over 6.

Here, I am...

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And I am going to take IELTS after one hour and half.

Everything will be all right...

27 June 2007

It's the time for...

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I'm in London [Soho] now. Tomorrow, i'm going to take IELTS at Westminster Univ. exam centre. Please, cross your finger for me

25 June 2007

It's not time for missing

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Try bear...
After Thursday, I can miss everybody and everything enough.


17 June 2007

Bike, Bike & bike

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Near Royal Pavilion [Brighton]

12 June 2007


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From: International Herald Tribune's sports section (page 22) [12 June 2007 /]

10 June 2007

Do you want to travel London for EATING?

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This article helps making your travel plan.From: Reuters (
(P.S.) Mind your Wallet ^-^

09 June 2007

If I knew this fact...

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I'd take IELTS after 1st July....

Oh! My! God! God! God!

New Half Band Scores

From 1 July 2007, we’re making a small but important change which will make
IELTS Band Scores more informative. Scores for each part of the test will still
be reported on the scale from 1 to 9, but now the Writing and Speaking modules
will be reported in whole or half-band in the same way as the Reading and
Listening modules.This will allow Recognising Institutions to specify their
requirements in more detail.
> More

From IELTS official homepage (

07 June 2007

Big Brother 8 | Emily Out (Actually, EJECTED)

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The Screen shot about Emily profile from BB official site (Channel4)

Do you remember last Celebrity Big Brother 2007?
Maybe... lots of people think this big brother is the worst of every big brother serises.

Photo from Wikipedia
Jo O'Meara, Danielle Lloyd and Jade Goody said RACISM comment and did bullying to Shilpa Shetty.

Their behaviour was international current affair and Channel4 and Ofcom recieved lots of complains. (It was the historical complains record of Ofcom)

Anyway... New Big Brother 8 kicked off again about a weeks ago and today Channel4 and Brighter Pictures (a part of Endemol UK) announced very serious statment.

Emily, who was nominated this friday eviction, suddenly left the house.

"Housemates. On the day that you entered the Big
Brother house, all housemates were reminded of the Big Brother rules. Emily has
broken a fundamental rule of Big Brother and has been removed from the Big
Brother House. The rules regarding unacceptable behaviour clearly state that:
'Big Brother will intervene and take appropriate action if housemates behave in
a way that Big Brother considers is unacceptable. Unacceptable behaviour
includes: Behaving in a way that could cause serious offence to either their
fellow housemates or members of the viewing public including serious offence
based on the grounds of race.' The rules clearly state that: 'Housemates who act
in a way that is seriously unacceptable will be evicted.' Tomorrow's eviction
has been cancelled. Big Brother."

From Channel4 Big Brother Official page

What did Emily do? Accroding to Channel4's statment.

Emily was with Charley and Nicky in the garden of the Big Brother House at
approximately 8.30pm last night when she was heard to say
"Are you
pushing it out you nigger?"
to Charley.

From Channel4 Big Brother Official page

Also you can see detail chatting script on BB unofficial site 'Being Big Brother'.

Fortunately, this chatting did not broadcast on E4 live streaming.
However same accident happened again. Just after 9 days.

06 June 2007

Which one do you prefer? (London 2012 Olympic)

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This one?

or This one?

My favorite one is the bottom one.
Relative site :

04 June 2007

A broadcasting station's DEAD

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A TV station finished broadcasting because they failed renewal their broadcasting licence.

Why they failed? The answer is very simple.
"Their content biases went to anti-government"

So... they were...

On Saturday, May
, RCTV shut down its live internet stream in preparation for its forced
close-down on Sunday, May 27. At 0400 UTC on May 28 RCTV ceased
broadcasting and for the following 8 seconds the signal went dark. It was then
replaced by TVes's ident which
was on air for 20 minutes. At 0420 UTC TVes began programming for the
first time. DirecTV Venezuela has
substituted RCTV with TVes on 104.[17]

(From Wikipedia "RCTV")

The Farewell broadcasting of RCTV (From YouTube)

The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez is one of my favourite politician.
His politics idea,bias and manage styles are interested.

However, this incident makes confusing.

The first broadcasting of TVes (From YouTube)

When RCTV closed, new Venezulean TV station started broadcasting on CH 2 which RCTV used.
The new station's name is TVes. It means 'Venezuelan Social Television'.
In other words, A privite broadcasting station changed a government station.

The new public channel, TVES, launched its transmissions early Monday with
artists singing pro-Chavez music, then carried an exercise program and a talk
show, interspersed with government ads proclaiming, "Now Venezuela belongs to

(From (International Herald Trubine / Original Source
from AP))

Actually, I do not know how RCTV broadcasted.
However, this news is so unhappy news for me who want to work the media industry.

Relative News :
Two Sides of Venezuela RCTV Shutdown (From OhmyNews International)

(P.S.) Thank you, Wikipedia.

Liverpool Supporters, the name of the WORST supporters in the European.

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"You must ask yourself why at the same match, with the same conditions, there was no trouble with the Milan fans - only the Liverpool fans." - Uefa spokesman, William Gaillard
Oh Dear...

My Comment is just that
"UEFA really dislike Liverpool Supporters."

01 June 2007

Yes! It's the man.

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Congratulation! BB babes!

Backham is not DIED

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Today match showed why Beckham need seriously in England national Football team.

He made lots of good goal chances and assistes.
Finally, one of his assisstes was made a goal by John Terry.

However, the result was 1-1...
I think England could not defence without John Terry.

After Jonh Terry replaced (because Injured), England gave lots of Stupid chances to Brazil and Diego makes a draw goal at 92min.

Also, I am very happy the goal of Brazil. It was very F A N T A S T I C !!!

Who said the international match is so boring?
I am not agree with him or her.

England v Brazil Player list

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Today TV Schedule

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PM 7:30 International Football Match | England vs Brazil on BBC ONE
This match is so important for England.
Firstly, It's the first match at New Wembley Stadium.
Secondly, Owen and Beckham are back to England.
Thridly, If Englad lose, Steve McClaren could leave the national team.

PM 10:30 Big Brother live on Channel 4
It's the time for BB Babes.
The male is going to enter their the EVE land.
How many? I think just a male is going to enter.
However, The BB production team is smarter.