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31 May 2006

Green Day - Wake me up when september ends

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Iraq War Hits Home At CBS News

Spate Of Violence Kills 54 In Iraq


Fall in the Beat

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Just... I want to listen Dance Music with A******.

Pussy Cat Dolls - Buttons

Cascada - Everytime We touch

Kelly Clarkson- Walk away

Kelly Clarkson - Since U Been Gone

XTM - Flay On The Winds Of Love (Sailor Moon editon)


Could you write that on Comment...

"Cheer UP"

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28 May 2006

American IDOL

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American IDOL season 5 WINNER Tylor Hicks
(Winner Encore scene From ITV2)
What is American dream?
American conservative represent media company, FOX
they show one part of American dream.
When I watched American IDOL's Finale.
I really felt what is their dream.
They are standed big theater and showed their talent to a lot of viewer.
(Finale happen at KODAK theater [There happen OSCAR award])
In addition, They sung with their dream.
(In other words, they sung with some celebration singer)
Truly, Someone would be Dream.
(Kelly Clarkson is American IDOL season 1 WINNER)
This program's base is simple.
Just Song contest.
FOX and this program productions (FREMANTLE MEDIA, 19 Entertainment)
change to American dream's exhibition
Tomorrow will start X-FACTOR....
(X-FACTOR is American IDOL's British version by ITV)

27 May 2006

Hard Rock Hallelujaa - Lordi (2006 Eurovision Winner)

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A Finland band write new history of Eurovision.
Rock... In addition, Monster Rock...
When I saw this band on Eurovision homepage
I thought "YLE(Finland Public Broadcasting) give up this year"
They got Eurovision's 1st grade.
First Rock band's winning.
It means many things.
Congratulations to Lordi, YLE, Finland and Rock manias!

Video From Google VIDEO
(Final record by YLE)

Relative Article Finnish Monster Rockers Win Eurovision
(From OhmyNews International)

24 May 2006

Revision! Media lecture (Advertisement)

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Thank you for YouTube, Google Video and ADclips
Magazine Advertisement
VIV Lipstick
Volkswagen GOLF GTI
Well done?
'Mint Royale - Singing in the rain'

Film 'Singing in the rain' Trailer
Do you want to watch "Pandora's BOX" AGAIN?

20 May 2006

A Petal

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A Petal (Ggotip) / 1996 / Korea / Drama / Director : Sun-Woo Jang
This film is about One of Korean terrible history.
18.May.1980, GwangJu (KwangJu)
There was common city of Korea and then was.
However, then was too busy season of Korean political
Because President was died by his adherent's gun.
(Then the presiden's name is Jong-Hee Park)
Anyway, He died and it founded new goverment at Korea.
However, New goverment finished by some solder's military coup.
Finally, Korean people were met again Solder Govenment.
(Jong-Hee Park's goverment is too serious solder governemnt)
They wanted nation's stability and dictatorship.
However, Korean people was exhausted that.
They wanted founding Democratization Goverment.
Finally, Gwangju citizen argued to government.
Then was 18.MAY.1981

A national army hit their national people


They were not spy


They were not rioters


They were just citizen




This film said about this accident.

Of course, this film did not enough said that.

However, the important thing is this film firstly announce by commercial.


Anyway, This story's point is not the film.

I have not seen this film yet.

(Of course, I have seen the trailer)


I want to say about this accident.


After 26years...




We too easily forget this accident.




Another Petal is falling now.


Korean Anti-Base Protests Turn Violent [Ohmynews International]

If you want to know about detail 18.May.1980 Please click this line

17 May 2006

Stronger - Sugababes

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They are causing of I live in London.

And Congratulations Barcelona FANS

15 May 2006


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From today, LIVEJ's link section add new site.

It is The Hankyoreh, represent progressive newspaper of Korea.

Why this news site add today because they start english edition from today.

Alreday, Korean conservative newspaper serviced english edition.
However, Their tone of argument is difference of me so I do not linked their site on my blog.
(Really, Am I media student? Where is Media language?)

Anyway, I wish this site help to your understanding of Korea.

Thanks to The Hankyoreh

Anyway... How write my Magazine Project Brief...

14 May 2006

Yes! It's party time

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Today, Two teams have street parades by bus.
One team is Premiership leauge winner CHELSEA
Another team is FA cup winner LIVERPOOL.

(Relative more photos FROM SKY NEWS)
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11 May 2006

Stupid Choice(?)

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Are you Tired?

Are you Exhaust?


Can not you breath?
Run - S.E.S

Well Done!
Stupid option chocier!
(10km runner)

( 10 May 2006 / Heart First Jog, Tower of London 2006 )
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10 May 2006

Pandora's BOX

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Originally, I tried update this film when finish 2nd term.
However, I got the file at start 3rd term so now I show that.

The evaluation of this film’s start sentence is
“Can I make this film without any staff and actor?”

Yes… This film perfectly made just alone.
(Really, Director, Cameramen, Editor and Actor was me)

Anyway, my goal of this film was “keep the deadline”
When my classmate considered increase their film’s quality,
I considered deadline.

So, I did not expect about positive response.
However, fortunately, this film gives the best point of whole my result in Bellerbys to me.

Why I made the film just alone?
I think it is the problem of me.

Romantic cats…
Now I want to escape that.

(To. FM2 members [with Isabelle Bristow])
If you do not see the letter to you, Please click this line.

08 May 2006

High Humor

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Please click bottom Photo or this article title.

Ladies and gentlemen , Introduce Two SAD comedians.
(VIDEO From : Google Video & C-SPAN)
(PHOTO From : Chosun Ilbo & Yonhap News & AP)

05 May 2006

When come to the day?

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"Do you have dinner or drink some beer?"
This sentence is too hard of me.
I want to say that to my classmate.
When... ?