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26 July 2006

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bad day

It's 2day...
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Christina Aguilera - Ain't No Other Man

Finish PT & Concept paper

When I have Presentation...

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I have a lot of ACCIDENT.

(아.. 마가 꼇나..)

23 July 2006

Lost in Translation

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Lost in Translation / 2003 / USA / Drama / Directed and Write by Sofia Coppola

From Today 9PM, Pay Film Channel ‘FILM FOUR’ start FREE broadcasting.
(Of course, It is just for Digital TV Viewers)
Free Film Four’s first film is ‘Lost in Translation’
This film had seen when I learned Non-verbal communication at the FM2.
(FM2 -> Bellerbys College [London] Foundation Media 2)

After then…
Izy(media, English and Tutorial tutor) asked short evaluation about this film to us.
I said that “This film is my story… Really it is my experience”

However one thing is different this film and my situation.
It is result.
This film final scene is Bob Harrison (Bill Murrary) and Charlotte’s (Scarlett Johansson) separation.
When I saw that I felt they found their new passion.
However, me?

I cannot find my passion yet.

I lost in translation.
This film is present progressive of me.

(PS) Unlucky… I lost last scene at this time because I try change my friend room’s light.

FilmFour Homepage :

04 July 2006

Today music 2 - Unfaithful | Rihanna

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Unfaithful Rihanna
Today I applied university internet service.
And Contacted on UCAS.

I saw
Unsucessful at Anglia Ruskin University.

It is my third unsuccessful.
Now, the way is just one.

Today music 1 - Breakaway | Kelly Clarkson

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Breakaway Kelly Clarkson

When I leave London at last Suday.

I heard this song in the Van.

1 year in London.
I really miss that.

03 July 2006

Jiho's new Post address

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Room 1, House 59
Brighthelm House
University of Sussex

02 July 2006

Farewell to London

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Correctly before 1years...
I stood at Heathrow Airport 3 termial.

"Can I live in this city"
When pick up car deleveried me to Greenwich.
I thoughted that.

Anyway, Already past 1year.
And I am writng farewell letter at London Starbucks.
(With Lovely T-mobile Hotspot[wireless] service)

Weather is so great now.
Maybe Sky don't know yesterday England's tears.
(Do you know? Yesterday Worldcup quter-final match result.)
This weather like when I firstly stood here.

Anyway... I do again unhappy journey.
almost my friends came back to their own countries.
However I still here because....
Yes... Don't say that... I think you already know that.

Foundation tutorial said
"You should be very proud of your result..."

Yes... It is right but I can't proud my result.
It is too shameful of me.
(Sorry IZY...)

MY first goal is Increasing English and entering good university.
However, Unfortunely. My first goal is not achieved.
Of course, my IELTS grade upgrade 0.5 point but it is not enough of me.

Truly, The reason of when I move to another city is ENGLISH.
Yes... I come back to ELPP.
(ELPP is Bellerbys College's pre-sessional course)
Again, I just learn English for three month.

When I learn ELPP course, Already I confimed go on to Foundation course.
However now is different. Anyone do not confirmed.
(It is so stressful of me)

When I firstly came here, I thought I can escape dark tunnel for one year.
However, I still too dark tunnel.
Where is the exit? Really is here the exit?

Anyway, At PM 5:00
I will leave this city.
I will miss All things of London and my UK hometown, Greenwich.

(P.S.) My tutorial's another said
It is true Ji Ho(me) has some diffculty with his command over English language. I believe this frustrates him at times; yet, he has never given up and contunues to give 100% in everything.

Good Bye
London, Camden Town and Greenwich!