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27 May 2007

Big Brother in the UK

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It's Back 30,May (Wed) at 9PM on Channel4 and E4

BB official homepage

25 May 2007

Three travel photo sets

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Stanmer Park (25. May. 2007)

Seven Sisters & Sheep Centre (22. Apr. 2007)

Devil's Dyke & Sussex Pub Crew (20. Apr. 2007)

20 May 2007

Sunday Afternoon..

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Hu... It's free.

I do not need to do anything now (Really??)
Yes... It's Sunday.
Maybe, most of my friends are spending their peaceful sunday.
(Really? They are going to take their last exam from tomorrow for a week)

I took middle term exam and did lots of homework.
(Most of them were dealyed -_-;; )
In addition, some old friends has contacted to me. Thanks for them.

Anyway... I hope next week would be not hurry. But....
Oh! dear! I forget some of homework... and cooking and drying my clothes!
(My home dose not have the DRYER!)

OK... What I do now? I try think like this music video.

Lazy Sunday
Uploaded by birdyben

(Video) LAZY SUNDAY [Saturday Night Live (NBC) clip]
(P.S) I do not know FRENCH.

05 May 2007

I m going to Paris

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By Eurolines []
I will be back to Brighton on sunday by Eurostar ^_^

(piciture takes from Eurotunnel UK side)