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27 January 2006

Bridget Jones; the edge of reason

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Bridget Jones The edge of reason / Drama,Comedy /UK,US / 2004 / Direct by Beeban Kidron
I had Bridget Jones’s diary’s analysis in last term.
Of course, I was difficult of me.

I write about her second story.
I had seen Bridget Jones; the edge of reason before went to London.
So, when we saw its first story. I already knew well about character.
Of course, it was not help of my essay…

Oh! I have to write this movie’s detail information.
So… So…
Please click under lovely internet address ^^;

Why I try writing this movie because of I remember Rebecca and Bridget.
Rebecca is Mark’s office intern.
She is pretty, intelligent and attractive.
In other say, she is opposite Bridget.

Bridget tries kept her fantastic boy friend (Mark).
However, always, it was unsuccessful.

Bridget’s character is all of females while why I think it is my character.
Today, our first mini project has finished.
This project gives a lot of regret to me.

I could not say a lot of my opinion.
I could not do a lot of activated.
I just acted.

Of course, if the ship has a lot of boatman. It will go to mountain.
(It is Korean idiom.)
This project is made and planned by my teammates.
So, my part is smaller than their.

In addition, my pool English disrupted communication to teammates.
Finally, today, editing software has big problem about music.
So I find new way during another teammate editing

Maybe our media teacher seem to “Jiho is lazy”
(Yes!!! It is true!! I am really lazy!!!)

I think my classmate looks like Rebecca.
I try over their ability while I cannot that.
English, Media, Psychology, Play, Knowledge and Sense…
I cannot try hold their ability…

Will my future be this film ending?
I wish that....
(Do you know? Rebecca’s shocking confessed.)

I make my new cyber space.
It is “Jiho’s MSN space”
This space will update a lot of my photos.
So, firstly, I updated my travel photo at Helsinki. (It is over 200 pictures)

Visiting please ^^;
Address :

26 January 2006


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“How about this company’s filtering?”

Recently, many Korean company adapted recruit applying letter on the Internet.
Firstly, many candidates like this system because it is convenience.

However, it is another enemy.

This system has Filtering function.
It can show specification information of whole information.
Usually, many companies filtered about which university graduated, how much got school grade and how much got English exam score (TOEIC) by this system.

Candidates did many times fixed article and checked information.
However, some of their electronic letter will be waste.

It just likes my UCAS letter…

20, JUN, 2006
A university decided unsuccessful of my application.
I knew that at 25, JUN, 2006 by UCAS track system.

However, I do not know yet why they rejected me.

22 January 2006

Sad Ending

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Always people expect HAPPY ENDING…

Last Friday (20.Jan.06) Londoner could see dramatically sight.

A whale swam at River Thames.

People found laugh by a whale and prayed that it safety back to sea.

However… always happy ending is not our life.

Yesterday, during British rescue team work it leave our world.
(In other say, a whale was dead at Saturday)

However, we remember its present…

A little bit time…

(Sorry… I buy new laptop two weeks ago. So I start my blog update now…)
(I will update my travel photo and life story at Greenwich, London. )
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