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24 December 2007

Merry Christmas...

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Now... Paris' christmas is started.

I want to you have enjoy Christmas holidaies.

Merry Christmas.

(From Paris)

X-MAS EVE's morning at Brookes Headington (Gipsy Lane) Campus

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It's Christmas eve's morning.

The day start normally.
However, today's greeting is different.


(Thank you for people, who works today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow)

[P.S.] Comment, will you???

23 December 2007

Early Back to home...

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Oh... Bloody fog...
My Paris trip is DELAYED by this weather.

19 December 2007

Sorry, I was one of 37% (the 17th Republic of Korea Presidential election)

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63% Korean electors were attended the 17th Republic of Korea (South) Presidential Election.
This figure is much lower than previous Presidential Electrons.

Honestly, Lee Myung-bak was not my favorite candidate but I do not want he would be the president.
However, Lee is the Pre-president of Republic of Korea by 48.7% voting.
My favorite candidate got just 5.8% voting.

However, I am afraid to claim this result because I am one of 37%, who did not vote.
I live in Oxford,England so It's hard to attend election.
I know some Korean, who live in oversea countries, went to South Korea for voting but it needs spending lots of money and time.

Quite sad, this result but Lee is our new president from next middle of Feb.
I just hope my country is going well.

Relative article : The Hankyoreh / Aljazeera English

Lee Myung-bak (might be) The New President of Republic of Korea

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KST 18:00 / GMT 09:00
The 17th Republic of Korea Presidential Election is finished and Korean Broadcasting stations announced the exit pool result.

The results are Lee Myung-bak (National Grand Party, Conservative) might be won the election.

These results expect Lee will get 50.3% (KBS&MBC), 51.3% (SBS) or 49.0% (YTN).

YES... It's absolute perfect winning.

Hu... I do not know how do I say this result. Just It's not GOOD for me.

(The final election attendance is 62.8%)

Relative Article: Conservative Lee Myung-bak likely to win presidential election
(Photo from YTN)

17 December 2007

Good bye Megan!

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Megan's Leaving
Originally uploaded by
지호 Ji Ho 志浩
Today... I lose another roommate.

Our cute roommate Megan, who was one of SECOND year student at Morrell K7, leave the our Small brother house today.

She will go the another country, where is able to see kangaroos.

Good bye Megan, We will miss you. (From Morrell K7 Residences)

The last photo with roommates (Megan, Methew & Andrew) [from left]

03 December 2007

Hard to write about my teammates...

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AM 06:15....
Oh dear... Today.. I haven't slept.

Tonight, I thought my team-mates because I have to fill 'Peer Feedback' about them.
This form is quite serious for us because 10% of final result will come from this part.

It's true. I am very happy with my team-mates.
Even we've got terrible Poster grade.
We have been doing well this semester. (AM 9, Harcourt Hill)

Also, it's true. they are much better than me.
However, I have to write some weak points of them. (Yes... It's non-sense)

I'm afraid of their reaction of them feedback from me.
I know... my feedback will be terrible or not.

However, do I put all of them in the feedback form?
Yes.. I do not know...

(To. Mates)
Sorry... I do not want you are annoyed from your feedback from me.
- Ji Hio

22 October 2007

Lost Passion...

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I want to ask myself.

Do I have passion of my study now?
Do I have passion of my life now?

Human Communication,
Introduction of Arts Management & Admission,
Human Development & Learning,
Understanding Media,
AND Popular music and film music: Listening Skill.

When I attend these module, I cannot find my passion of my study.
Just.. I heard the lecture passively.

I want to be a active learner.
Really, When I got the Uncondional offer from UCAS.
I decided to be active learner.

However... After 7weeks...
I do not know...

What am I doing?
Am I going well?

Hey! Ji Ho, You are a student!!

15 October 2007

On brookes Bus [U1, Harcourt Hill -> Gipsy Lane]

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Late arrival...
This incident gives very unhappy accident to me sometimes...

Today, i arrived at harcourt hill about 30 minutes later. [However, it's before the lecture]

Monday breakfast class, Human communication.
Today, i examined our and others' poster with our team members.
Okay... Our one is not bad than others. [I hope so]

The terrible incident happend after then.
I took the quiz.
I believed i might be solve easily.

My expection is perfectly wrong.
I wrote the answer on wrong side.
Blanks were more than answers.

Recently, i`ve faced a lot of strange situations.
These things might be effect to my study.
[in addition, i'm toooooooooooo lazy]

Hey... Jiho.
You are an international student.
Your learning process is different from British.
C O N C E N T R A T E ! ! !

Long time No write... (Pu... Sorry..)

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Sorry.. I have not written new posts on here.

1,I am so BUSY ^_____________________^;;;;

Who said the First year is clubbing season!

It's wrong! At the least, for International Students!!!

OK... I might be have very small task (Homework) than you.

However, the difficulty is different between British and a dullness Korean.
I might be spend most of time for doing task. (Really??)

OK.. This is my time table for 2007/08 first semester.

I attend 5 modules. (Wow~~)

In addition, I have two special lecture, which is not listed on timetable (Yes.. It's optional but I interest in), Monday Afternoon and Wednesday Morning.

Bingo! I am a five day attendance student! (Hang on, Was I a five day attendance student at my Korean College?)

Anyway... It's very tough schedule.

2,YES... I am a LAZY...

One of the my favourite TV programme, 'Lazy Town'! (How old am I?)

Hang on? Is it relatied with my lazy life?? (Well... It is not...)

Anyway... Yes. I'm so lazy.

So.. I have used FACEBOOK!!! (Sorry. Google Blogger)

OK... Less Facebooking and More Blogging... I will.

3,Lots of technical problems.

My laptop was broken again so it went to ACER service centre two weeks ago but it will go again because my speaker is not working well (Sound with noise). Oh my god...

In addition, I losted my mobile phone and found nextday (without SIM card so I bought replacement SIMcard)

Wow.. How's the earth moving? I do not know...

Anyway... It's time for sleeping because I have to get up at 6.

23 September 2007

The First posting from Morrell K7 | The lack of communication

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My Weak 0 at Oxford Brookes past as the speed of light.

I've got a veeeeeeeeery tiny room (Morrell K7C) and four BRITISH room mates who are younger than me (Approximately 8 years... When they were birth, I went Primary school in South Korea.).

I am happy with my house even Living room's TV aerial is tooooooo bad. (Yes... It's a living room.. not bed room. My bed room doesn't have TV aerial point even I'm a subscriber of TV Licence)

Okay, I wrote about my room mates.
As before I wrote, they are four British who are 18 or 19 years old.
The important point of them is they've got the freedom from their parents.

Also, it's the first time they live with a strange Korean Pig...
(Oh, Sorriness my room mates)

This situation made communication problems.
I cannot express my idea to them enough.
However, the more serious problem is I cannot understand what they express.
Okay, the example.. If you can understand other country's teenager's express, your language level is extremely advance. (Isn't it?)

So... I am alone in my house.
I just give scolding or very very old joke (It is not a joke and common expression.) to them.

Yes, it's not their falut. (Really)
It's my fault because my English is not enough to communicate with them.
(Lovely, Jiho's Teletubbies English)

Right than... What is the tomorrow's module?
Answer : Human Communication

Oh My God... (In addition, I should leave here at 7.30 AM!!!!)
I hope to know the key of this problem by this module.

Okay... Let's start Week 1 at Oxford Brookes.

06 September 2007

After 797days... (Yes.. I've got the UNconditional offer)

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2nd. July. 2005 I came to London, the UK.
And... after 797days
I've got this news.
I am an Art management & Media study student
at Oxford Brookes from 17th September.
I can just say THANK YOU TO YOU.

03 September 2007

Into storm....

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Chelsea has got first lost in this season...
They lost the match verse Aston Villa.
Aston Villa 2 - 0 Chelsea
News Article Sky Sports BBC Sport
Jose's face turned to irony
Roman left the Villa park before the match finish.
It's the table of Barclays Premier League.

Four team have 10 points.

However, Liverpool and Aresnal had been 4 games.

And... Chelsea and Everton had been 5 games.

Yes.. It's not good situation for Chelsea.

I know Lampard absent (by injury).

But... However...

Drogba and Terry... Essential players of Chelsea stood on ground.

Anyway.. 1st - 12nd's gap of the point is 3 points.

Just one game...

Now the table is very fluctuated.

Who will win this season? I do not know...

It's really chros...

Oh... Manchester United.. What are you doing?

News of the World

(Photo are captured from BBC SPORT/ Match Of The Day2)

31 August 2007

Huck! I lost The Final of Big Brother 2007.

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I haven't known today is the final day of Big Brother 2007.
(It's first time since when I watch Big Brother)

However, I watch Brian's interview (with Davina) on Channel 4+1.
(Lovely, Freeview)

Um... Brian it the winner of Big Brother 2007 and the holder of £100,000.
I hope Amanda and Sam's win.

Congratulation, Brian. You are so fun and have given lol.

The result news :

Just moment... Will Celebrity Big Brother on air?

09 August 2007

The End of The World... Again

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I seem to forget why I am here - Oxford.

It's the final chance for me. If I fail this course, My life will be NO WAY.

I have finished Final test of Pre-Sessional Course (Oxford Brookes University).

It's absolutely horrible.

I could not understand the lecture for listening exam.

I could not take the reading exam. (Section 3 is absolutely BLANK)

And I wrote one of the horrible essay.

If you ask why you did not take the exam well.

I can say just "Sorry, I did not prepare that"

Yes... It's true.

I do not care this exam. Just I think "OK.. It will be easy"

Why?... I cannot say why I thought...

Yes.. It's perfectly my fault.

Now I serious worry about fail.

If I do not fail, it should be that my assignment result rescues me.

However, The final score is Exam 60% and Assignment 30%. (10% is attention)

It's the last chance.

I should concentrate this course but I do not do that now.

I am not vistior of Oxford.

I should be the student of this university!!!

Sorry for my family, friends and tutors...

I showed very poor + horrible ability to them.

Skeeter Davis - The end of the world

(P.S) Today Daily Mail's news article.
Why did Cancer Research UK show this news resource to the public?
When I see this article, I think today my horrible exam.
Cancer cases spiralling - modern living to blame (Daily Mail)

30 July 2007

Happy Birthday to ME!

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It's my 26th birthday cake (or Breakfast)

29 July 2007

This is Oxford.

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Sorry!!! I haven't connected the Internet for long time.
Because I do not have my Internet account from Oxford Brookes Univ. yet.
I expect I will get the account on Monday (Tomorrow). If it isn't, Inshalla!
So.. This is Coffee Republic (one of the coffee store in the UK) and I post this article by Payment wireless Internet service (The Cloud).

OK... I am here for one week. Not short or Not long period.
Unfortunately, I am SAME as when I was on South Korea, London or Brighton.
OK!! I will study hard!!

Last week, this city was so busy because Flooding.
However, my residence is located the high area in Oxford so I do not have any damage about Flooding. (Sorry! It's not you wanted)
Just... the train does not go to London directly. (Take the replacement bus from Oxford station and you can take the train at Didcot Parkway station to Reading or London // Detail info
However, the weather is getting better now.

I hope I post my life and study in Oxford soon. (by my uni account)
Do not worry! It could be come soon.

(P.S) Quite Sad news for me. 30th July (Tomorrow) is my 26th Birthday.

21 July 2007

It's the last night in Brighton.

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I cannot believe that I will sleep at other city tomorrow.
However, It's true.

Today is the last night in Brighton.
I have stayed here for one year approximately.

Yes.. actually, I do not want to move another city.
I feel very comport in this city and want to stay more.
However, my current situation does not allow I stay here more.
(Yes! English Language Problem!)
Maybe... Tomorrow I know that...
"I left the busiest city at night, the sweetest city in the UK."
And missing them.
Univ of Sussex, Royal Pavilion, Marina, Brighton &Hove Beach, Fat boy slim's new year party, Churchil Square, Kemp Town, Honeyclub, The beach (club), Pool Valley Bus station, Brighton Station, Southern (train), Lewis, Seven sisters, North lane, Drunk night (weekends), The Provindence, Easy bar, 25, 49, N25, Brighton & Hove Bus, Moulsecombe, Sainsbury, ASDA, Ottogi (Korean Food Shop), TESCO, Somerfileds, London road, Lewis road, North Street, Old stain, Brighton Pier, West Pier, Tuk Tuk, Brighton Taxies, Hove DHL, West Street, Event II, ODEON, Cineworld, Weatherspoon, one stop shop, Hu... Etc.
Good BYE! I will miss you which is lovely city in my heart.

12 July 2007

Sorry. It's my IELTS result.

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I expected to recieve the result on next Monday but...
It comes today...

Listening 6 -> Well, it's better i Expected.
Reading 6 -> AS I expected.
Writing 5 -> Yes.. It's right
Speaking 5 -> Of course...

So.. Overall 5.5 Again....

Yes.. it's time to move Oxford. Sorry.

10 July 2007

To Pakistani Government and People in Red Mosque

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Why are lots of Pakistani soldiers, polices and students fighting and killing?

Photo from BBC NEWS

Relative News

Pakistan militant cleric killed [BBC NEWS]

Pakistan's Red Mosque leader killed [Aljazeera English]

(Add) I talked with my roommates who comes from Pakistan. They think it is very shameful situation and do not believe students who are in Red mosque are relative with Terror Group such as Taliban.

07 July 2007

Today is 7, July.

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Yesterday, I just thought 'Live Earth' Concert.

Yes.. It's very amazing concert.

Lots of musician sing for a serious problem, 'Global Warming'.

Also, I am watching South Africa concert live streaming now.

Anyway, today is one of the sad historical day in the UK.

About two years ago, some of London transports were attracted by bomb.

It didn't pass 24 hours when London hold 2012 Olympic.

(Relative site : In Depth London Attacks [BBC NEWS])

After two years, most of people look like to forget this incident.

Okay... After two year, which newses are listed on BBC news web site?

We have enjoyed the 'Live Earth' Concert and thought 'Climate change' with lots of people. Good.

Also, BBC Gaza correspond, Alan Johnston, who was kidnapped by an armed group in Gaza, returned to his house. Good.

Wow.. After two years, our world finds the peace finally, doesn't it?

Hang on minute! What's the headline? 'Iraq market truck bomb kills 105'

Oh my dear... After two years, we see the massacre again?

06 July 2007

2007 AFC Asian Cup Special -> Aljazeera "SportsWorld"

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Sportsworld, which is Sports News show of Aljazeera English News Channel(, special edition for 2007 AFC Asian Cup (Football).

These clips show South east Asia countries' football culture and these national football teams' level, Middle East and Australian football teams' strategy. Also, they analysis the doping problem of Tour de France.

05 July 2007

I should say "Congratulation Sochi" but...

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Sochi wins
The Russian Black Sea resort of Sochi has beaten off competition from
Pyeongchang in South Korea and Austria's Salzburg to host the 2014 Winter
Olympic Games. Sochi won 51:47 against Pyeongchang in the second round of voting
at the 119th IOC session in Guatemala.

From Russia Today (

I'm Korean
My country bided 2014 Winter Olympic Game.

I expected we can have Winter Olympic Game but...

How do I understand this terrible situation... Just sad..

Sorry PyeongChang(

(More Realtive News Clip from Russia Today)

03 July 2007

Why am I in England.

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OK... I want to discuss about this news article with you.
Please read this article before when you read this post.

English Is The Golden Tongue for S. Koreans
SEOUL -- Just a week into his summer vacation, 15-year-old Min-Kyu Kim
already has a tight schedule and ambitious goals: On this particular day, he
intends to memorize 600 words of English vocabulary, solve 10 pages of SSAT math
problems and take practice tests for English. He estimates the tests... more – by Joohee Cho

From (The Washington Post)

1, I met my Korean friend on an Instant Messenger.
Friend: "I do not understand why people study at oversea country"
Me: "Why?"
Friend: "Because I think if someone study more incentive, it's enough in my country"
I did not answer that because I agree with him.

2, Some months ago, my sister couple traveled some European countries and I traveled France and Italy with them.
The one thing that I surprised to them was they communicated better than me in there. Of course, they speak a bit of English and don't speak other languages.
My sister husband said "Simply the best"

3, I serious consider to attend Pre-sessional course from 23rd, July at Oxford Brookes University.
The problem is money. The course fee and housing fee are quiet expensive for me. (About... more than £2500 together)
If I got IELTS overall 6 (with Reading and Writing over 6), I do not need to attend that course. But...

How much have I spended money and time for learning English?
And, how much improve my English?
Why do I learn English in the UK where has lots of incidents?

The answer is Oh My GOD...

(P.S.) I want to share another news article form South Korea. This news article is about a man who has been rejected his UK student visa from embassy of United Kingdom in South Korea. This article is written by Korean and I show the article is translated to English by Google Translate tool.
From CBS NoCut News ( [Korean])

(P.S.2) Anyway What's your opinion about this news article?
Is it good for Korean or not? Please write your comment here.

29 June 2007

Yes... Enjoy Myself..

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Song (The Specials - Enjoy Yourself)

Bloody IELTS finished.
Yes.. I can enjoy for two weeks until when the result paper arrived.

However... I should drink alone.
Because everyone are busy.

(P.S) I heard this song from 'Party Animal' which is one of the BBC dramas. Suddenly, I remember some scenes of that drama

28 June 2007

Game Over. Insert the coin. (after IELTS Speaking)

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Already... I am hopeless after morning task.

And now, i have just finished my Speaking task.

Part 1. I had a quesition my city (Where I was born) and rain.
Part 2. About the cloth which I recently bought.
Part 3. These questions about Fashion (80%) and Shopping(20%).

Firstly, I failed to control my voice speed. I spoke generally when I speak with my friends.
(many people think it is not a problem but it is my serious weakness)

Secondly, I did not checked my pronouncations. Really, I spoke some wrong pronouncation.

Thirdly, Lots of times, I felt a panic so I did not answered well.

OK... Perfectly... I have taken very very disapointed exam.
How do I do? Yes... it's time for drinking.

From Oxford circus, London

Bloody IELTS

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I have finished three tasks of IELTS just now and review my tasks in Apple Store, Regent Street.

I am very affraid after three weeks when I get the result.
Perfectly, My tasks are ruined.

1 -> About property (Talk with Agency and who want to buy the home)
It's Quiet OKAY...

2 -> introduction of Rivertrip.
Slightly.. Hard

3 -> Tutorial about Academic Essay.
Oh my god.. How the earth is moving?

4 -> Lecture about good or bad of insects
I've lost two questions... Yes... Game Over.

1 -> Social Marketing Skills
OK... I interested in this topic.

2 -> How people collect natural Perfume?
Oh my God... Who said the picture question is harder than to find heading...

3 -> A reports of children's psychology development.
Hu.. I do not know... How did I answer that...

1 -> Two barcharts about perfomance of a Bus company.
On is Bus arrived on time. (This figure is compared with the company's target) Another is the number of complain.

Oh dear... Fortunetly, I did not write SHOPPING LIST but I worry it was under 150 words.
And I did not write Conclusion.

2 -> Why young people leave the school and how we solve this problem... (like that)

Oh my god! I can answer this question! But!! It's nightmare.

OK I have just a task, Speaking. It is 5PM... (Lovely..)
But I think to find the alternative way. I'm sure it is not over 6.

Here, I am...

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And I am going to take IELTS after one hour and half.

Everything will be all right...

27 June 2007

It's the time for...

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I'm in London [Soho] now. Tomorrow, i'm going to take IELTS at Westminster Univ. exam centre. Please, cross your finger for me

25 June 2007

It's not time for missing

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Try bear...
After Thursday, I can miss everybody and everything enough.


17 June 2007

Bike, Bike & bike

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Near Royal Pavilion [Brighton]

12 June 2007


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From: International Herald Tribune's sports section (page 22) [12 June 2007 /]

10 June 2007

Do you want to travel London for EATING?

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This article helps making your travel plan.From: Reuters (
(P.S.) Mind your Wallet ^-^

09 June 2007

If I knew this fact...

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I'd take IELTS after 1st July....

Oh! My! God! God! God!

New Half Band Scores

From 1 July 2007, we’re making a small but important change which will make
IELTS Band Scores more informative. Scores for each part of the test will still
be reported on the scale from 1 to 9, but now the Writing and Speaking modules
will be reported in whole or half-band in the same way as the Reading and
Listening modules.This will allow Recognising Institutions to specify their
requirements in more detail.
> More

From IELTS official homepage (

07 June 2007

Big Brother 8 | Emily Out (Actually, EJECTED)

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The Screen shot about Emily profile from BB official site (Channel4)

Do you remember last Celebrity Big Brother 2007?
Maybe... lots of people think this big brother is the worst of every big brother serises.

Photo from Wikipedia
Jo O'Meara, Danielle Lloyd and Jade Goody said RACISM comment and did bullying to Shilpa Shetty.

Their behaviour was international current affair and Channel4 and Ofcom recieved lots of complains. (It was the historical complains record of Ofcom)

Anyway... New Big Brother 8 kicked off again about a weeks ago and today Channel4 and Brighter Pictures (a part of Endemol UK) announced very serious statment.

Emily, who was nominated this friday eviction, suddenly left the house.

"Housemates. On the day that you entered the Big
Brother house, all housemates were reminded of the Big Brother rules. Emily has
broken a fundamental rule of Big Brother and has been removed from the Big
Brother House. The rules regarding unacceptable behaviour clearly state that:
'Big Brother will intervene and take appropriate action if housemates behave in
a way that Big Brother considers is unacceptable. Unacceptable behaviour
includes: Behaving in a way that could cause serious offence to either their
fellow housemates or members of the viewing public including serious offence
based on the grounds of race.' The rules clearly state that: 'Housemates who act
in a way that is seriously unacceptable will be evicted.' Tomorrow's eviction
has been cancelled. Big Brother."

From Channel4 Big Brother Official page

What did Emily do? Accroding to Channel4's statment.

Emily was with Charley and Nicky in the garden of the Big Brother House at
approximately 8.30pm last night when she was heard to say
"Are you
pushing it out you nigger?"
to Charley.

From Channel4 Big Brother Official page

Also you can see detail chatting script on BB unofficial site 'Being Big Brother'.

Fortunately, this chatting did not broadcast on E4 live streaming.
However same accident happened again. Just after 9 days.

06 June 2007

Which one do you prefer? (London 2012 Olympic)

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This one?

or This one?

My favorite one is the bottom one.
Relative site :

04 June 2007

A broadcasting station's DEAD

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A TV station finished broadcasting because they failed renewal their broadcasting licence.

Why they failed? The answer is very simple.
"Their content biases went to anti-government"

So... they were...

On Saturday, May
, RCTV shut down its live internet stream in preparation for its forced
close-down on Sunday, May 27. At 0400 UTC on May 28 RCTV ceased
broadcasting and for the following 8 seconds the signal went dark. It was then
replaced by TVes's ident which
was on air for 20 minutes. At 0420 UTC TVes began programming for the
first time. DirecTV Venezuela has
substituted RCTV with TVes on 104.[17]

(From Wikipedia "RCTV")

The Farewell broadcasting of RCTV (From YouTube)

The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez is one of my favourite politician.
His politics idea,bias and manage styles are interested.

However, this incident makes confusing.

The first broadcasting of TVes (From YouTube)

When RCTV closed, new Venezulean TV station started broadcasting on CH 2 which RCTV used.
The new station's name is TVes. It means 'Venezuelan Social Television'.
In other words, A privite broadcasting station changed a government station.

The new public channel, TVES, launched its transmissions early Monday with
artists singing pro-Chavez music, then carried an exercise program and a talk
show, interspersed with government ads proclaiming, "Now Venezuela belongs to

(From (International Herald Trubine / Original Source
from AP))

Actually, I do not know how RCTV broadcasted.
However, this news is so unhappy news for me who want to work the media industry.

Relative News :
Two Sides of Venezuela RCTV Shutdown (From OhmyNews International)

(P.S.) Thank you, Wikipedia.

Liverpool Supporters, the name of the WORST supporters in the European.

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"You must ask yourself why at the same match, with the same conditions, there was no trouble with the Milan fans - only the Liverpool fans." - Uefa spokesman, William Gaillard
Oh Dear...

My Comment is just that
"UEFA really dislike Liverpool Supporters."

01 June 2007

Yes! It's the man.

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Congratulation! BB babes!

Backham is not DIED

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Today match showed why Beckham need seriously in England national Football team.

He made lots of good goal chances and assistes.
Finally, one of his assisstes was made a goal by John Terry.

However, the result was 1-1...
I think England could not defence without John Terry.

After Jonh Terry replaced (because Injured), England gave lots of Stupid chances to Brazil and Diego makes a draw goal at 92min.

Also, I am very happy the goal of Brazil. It was very F A N T A S T I C !!!

Who said the international match is so boring?
I am not agree with him or her.

England v Brazil Player list

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Today TV Schedule

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PM 7:30 International Football Match | England vs Brazil on BBC ONE
This match is so important for England.
Firstly, It's the first match at New Wembley Stadium.
Secondly, Owen and Beckham are back to England.
Thridly, If Englad lose, Steve McClaren could leave the national team.

PM 10:30 Big Brother live on Channel 4
It's the time for BB Babes.
The male is going to enter their the EVE land.
How many? I think just a male is going to enter.
However, The BB production team is smarter.

27 May 2007

Big Brother in the UK

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It's Back 30,May (Wed) at 9PM on Channel4 and E4

BB official homepage

25 May 2007

Three travel photo sets

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Stanmer Park (25. May. 2007)

Seven Sisters & Sheep Centre (22. Apr. 2007)

Devil's Dyke & Sussex Pub Crew (20. Apr. 2007)

20 May 2007

Sunday Afternoon..

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Hu... It's free.

I do not need to do anything now (Really??)
Yes... It's Sunday.
Maybe, most of my friends are spending their peaceful sunday.
(Really? They are going to take their last exam from tomorrow for a week)

I took middle term exam and did lots of homework.
(Most of them were dealyed -_-;; )
In addition, some old friends has contacted to me. Thanks for them.

Anyway... I hope next week would be not hurry. But....
Oh! dear! I forget some of homework... and cooking and drying my clothes!
(My home dose not have the DRYER!)

OK... What I do now? I try think like this music video.

Lazy Sunday
Uploaded by birdyben

(Video) LAZY SUNDAY [Saturday Night Live (NBC) clip]
(P.S) I do not know FRENCH.

05 May 2007

I m going to Paris

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By Eurolines []
I will be back to Brighton on sunday by Eurostar ^_^

(piciture takes from Eurotunnel UK side)

15 April 2007

Term Three D-1

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Now time is 21:50 and I'm in Univ of Sussex's IT Service Centre for my vacation homework.
(Oh dear, I lost today's Match of the Day 2!)

Now some people are doing their work (for study or individual) in here very late night.

About 12 hours after...
My last term in Sussex Language Institute is going to start.

Who will meet or lost?
Do I study same book and content as Term2 again? (My Intensive classmates worry that)
What do they think who know I've got the conditional offer from Oxford Brookes?

Yesterday, I've got good news from my friends (Yesterday Post "Happy News").
I think they will not return this term so I say farewell to them on my Blog.
(Do they visit my POOR blog?)

It's last term in Brighton.
After this term, I will move to Oxford and attend Oxford Brookes University's Pre-sessional Course.
(Who attend Pre-sessional course twice by student?)

Yes.. It's last... Originally, I want to stay this city but I cann't.

Will everything be all right?

Ahmed, Abdl-Rahman, Issaco, Fabiola, Fahad (Maybe..), Juanjo, Yaka, Moe...
Hu... Tomorrow I will busy.

Anyway... I miss my laptop again.

(Written by Apple's Safari, MAC OS, iMAC [It's harder for me than Windows XP])

14 April 2007

Happy news...

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Today, some of my IELTS classmates have got their IELTS results.
They send very brightly text to me which they've got good mark for them.

HU... I'm glad to see their good news but...


13 April 2007

Goodbye my laptop

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My laptop, ACER Ferrari 4005 does long trip to Plymouth.

I'm missing my laptop now.
Will it be arrived to Acer service centre?
Also, will it recover its condition?
I'm so scared...

[photo:invoice letter from DHL]

12 April 2007

I've got the answer from Laptop Service Centre BUT...

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They haven't said about warranty so I wait yet....

How do I do?

11 April 2007


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"They will give the answer within today"

I wait, wait and wait for whole daytime but I haven't received the answer.


I remembered my UCAS application.

Now, I've got a university's conditional offer but about a month ago, my life was terrible.

I wait 6 universities' respond and have a bit hope which "they will give the offer to me".

But it was NOT.

My life was broken by these six universities (Especially, Sxxxxx and Gxxxxxxxx)


My laptop has ill.

Yes… Actually, its condition is not well so I will send this laptop to Technical Service centre.

But… I have serious problems…

It's my warranty programme.

My warranty programme is worked for one year because one factor of application was wrong.

So I have just changed that but its expire date is over.

My laptop company suggested 90days warranty but….

I bought 3 years warranty so it's very unacceptable offer to me.


So haven't they given any answer to me because I disagree their offer?

Anyway… I'm very tired but haven't do anything today.


How Do I do…?


06 April 2007

Enjoy Good Friday & celebrate the offer

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Taken from Hove beach

Ladies and Gentleman, I've got

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To the song here in my heart
A melody I've start
But can't complete

to the sound from deep within
It's only beginning
To find release

the time has come
for my dreams to be heard
They will not be pushed aside and turned
Into your own
all cause you won't

I am alone at a crossroads
I'm not at home, in my own home
And I tried and tried
To say whats on my mind
You should have known
Now I'm done believing you
You don't know what I'm feeling
I'm more than what, you made of me
I followed the voice
you gave to me
But now I gotta find, my own..

You should have listened
There is someone here inside
Someone I'd thought had died
So long ago

I'm free now and my dreams to be heard
They will not be pushed aside or worse
Into your own
All cause you won't

I am alone at a crossroads
I'm not at home, in my own home
And I tried and tried
To say whats on my mind
You should have known
Now I'm done believing you
You don't know what I'm feeling
I'm more than what, you made of me
I followed the voice
you gave to me
But now I gotta find, my own..

I don't know where I belong
But I'll be moving on
If you don't....
If you won't....

To the song here in my heart
A melody I've start
But I will complete

Now I'm done believing you
You don't know what I'm feeling
I'm more than what, you made of me
I followed the voice, you think you gave to me
But now I gotta find, my own..
my ownn...

Please Click This Picture

I saw this news when I was on the road in London.

I expected if I get the offer, I would screaming.

But, I didn't

Why? Because it's much lower than my first goal?

or conditional? (Reading & Writing 6)


Thank you, Oxford Brookes University.
It's your Easter gift for me.

Listen (Beyonce) Lyrics from Lyrics Mania

02 April 2007

New oppotunity or diaster

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Republic of Korea and The United State of America's Free Trade Area agreement. (KORUS FTA)
Both countries agreed this agreement just some times ago.

Is is new hope and oppotunity for us?
or horrible diaster?

Anyway, It's a very afraid thing for me.

South Korea and U.S. agree last-minute trade deal (Reuters)
U.S. Reaches Free-Trade Agreement With South Korea (Bloomberg)

01 April 2007

April Fools' Day

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If a girl say like this music video to me suddenly...
OK... Enjoy the impossible.

13 March 2007


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Actually, I am in the slump now.

Yesterday, I've got a result of final IELTS practice exam.

Yes... It's very disappointing.

Especially, Reading section is seriously pull down.
(Of course, other sections are terrible)

Hu... If I take IELTS this month, I am got terrible score.
(I will take IELTS on June)

Yes... It is Slump. I am in the too deep depression.
How do I escape from here?

Maybe... The comment can be a kind of clue.

"Jiho, you do same mistake again"

from The Hankyoreh

11 March 2007


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1, Last Friday, some of classmates drunk beer and celebrated the finish of final exam in the pub where is located in Univ. of Sussex but I was not there...

2,Last Wednesday and Today I took something to my friend's house who is Univ. of Sussex's undergraduate student but I did not enter his house....

3,This Friday, my second term is finished so we will have a small party which is called Free Lunch. I am not going to attend that... (Also, I am not going to any Univ. of Sussex Korean Society's event)

My wound has not cured until now
Just... I am hiding that.

I hope some of my blog vistor write the comment about my problem.
How do I do?

08 March 2007


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GB government thinks i'm their CASH COW...


03 March 2007

Escape oversea student

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This post relative bottom's post
Jiho's English Blog liveJ: The Depress News from Austarila

Yesterday, I sent e-mail to my sister about my English tutor fee.

"Eastern-Link, 3rd Intensive, IELTS so.."

Everybody already know its cost is not cheap. (It's terribly Expensive)

When I pressed "Sent" button, My face was wet by my tears.

Second Chance, I don't want to lose this chance.

In other words, I really want to enter some of university which I applied.

However, they have given serious shame to me.

And I consider some universities which has low-name value.

Yesterday, I've got good news from a university.

Accroding to the letter, they interested in my qualifications.
In addition, The English qualification which they need is not much high.

Really, It is fantastic deal of me.
However, Problems are...
First, will they really give Conditional offer to me?
Second, will my family agree that I study there?

I am very scary because I have to say "I cannot enter Sussex" to my family.

In addition, if I say "I will study a university which is not famous in UK"...
Surely, they agree my decision but They will disapoint me.

The escape oversea student is who have studied in an oversea country but they didn't study well there.

Finally, is my name listed on the escape oversea student?

(P.S.) I am very worry the one university's letter which is written they interested my profile.
However, I cannot say the university's name because I worry It can be LIP SERVICE.

I have a terrible memomy about LIP SERVICE from GxxxSxxxx in Lxxxxx.

01 March 2007

Today's star sign horoscope

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The contrast between dreams and reality has been a theme that's been building since last summer - and isn't about to stop. You're learning valuable life-changing lessons.

[from : METRO]

Oh Dear...

[notice] this blog add Yahoo! Search engine. Please, scroll down to this blog's bottom.

28 February 2007

Again, I stand alone...

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Almost my friends do not know
I have very serious problems.
Just "Jiho feel is not good"

When I opened my email box
I saw FUCKING University of Sussex UG Admission Office's letter.
(So Yesterday I sent TERRIBLE REPLY to them, I do not need to contact them anymore...)

I asked some universities information to My agency
But... I do not get good information.

Anyway... I stand alone.

Really, do not they know my mind and situation?

21 February 2007

Football & Beer

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It's a mirage which makes i forget my tears at the moment.

[p.s.] barcelona vs liverpool... It's very enjoyable match.


20 February 2007

Rubbish night

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It was quiet Okay before about 6pm.
Yes... It is true.
It is Right.
It is Common.
University of Sussex, They give another serious shame to me.
I'm not sad
I don't show tears.
Just I feel my head is formatted.
In addition,
Tonight football match was RUBBISH
Thank you for your comment.
But Please don't advise about Activity Course to me.

19 February 2007

My favourite room in Russel Building

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This is warmer than other rooms, very quiet and has fine view.
This room's brightness is like my mind. Two bright windows but room is slightly dark.

When does the room in my mind's light turn on?


13 February 2007

The girls of 49th Grammy

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Dixie Chicks - Not Ready To Make Nice
(Album of the year, Record of the year, Song of the Year, Country Album and Country Performance by a Duo or Group With Vocal)

49th Grammay Official Online Coverage (Powered by Yahoo)

Deal or NO Deal

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Cardiff University
Absoulty... UNsuccessful


Someone ask me
Deal or No Deal?

Really Good News of...

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Our IELTS class' outstanding classmate, Zuzana got the offer from Univ of Sussex.

"IELTS 6.5 but whole section have to over 6"

She worried that but we know it is very very very (*100) easy for her.

Hu... My offer? I do not know.

11 February 2007

Sunday night with MV

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MV = Music Video
[Video is played by Channel V Korea( )]

09 February 2007

Don't Worry Be Happy

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I really do not want remember this week.
I lost my CARDS (Debit and Cash Card)
Someday, I found my laptop has been had Big damage.
In addition, a university sent unrealistic offer to me.
A university disappointed me seriously.
Ah... Someone said very terrible story to me.
(It was like of last summer's nightmare)
Anyway... This week is gone.
I do not know which terrible situation will show next week to me.
Ray (our class tutor) teached this song
I was able to smile at the moment.

Don't Worry Be Happy - Bobby Mc Ferrin
To. University of Sussex Underground Admission Officer
I do not need to get the UNconditional offer.
Really, I hope to get the SAME conditional Offer which you sent me Last year.
(P.S. 2)
I found someone who fixed this blog post's GRAMMAR MISTAKE.
Because I am student who learned English Language of Forienger
So, I know this Blog has lots of English Grammar mistake.
Could you help me?

07 February 2007

Happy between Sad

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When I arrived London, I recieved a e-mail from UCAS.
This letter means my UCAS track system add new reply.
YES... One university adapt me...

OK... Thank you University of Leeds...
However, Do you think can I get 7.5 in IELTS?
Of course, it will possible after some years but...
the problem is now...
Actually, I think it is one expression of unsuccessful.
I worry one of six universities' which I applied reply.
Already, three universities left me.
Also, I am not sure other three universities will send coditional offer.
Especially, I do not know Univ of Sussex's respond.
They sent conditional offer last year for me.
Also, I want to believe they will send same offer of last year.
For two hours, I forget this problem.
Because I went to the London for watching Korean national team's football match.
At the moment, I happied because my country team won.

Some years ago, anyone predicted Korean football beat European team.

I hope same miricle show to me in this year.

06 February 2007


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My Second Reply from Goldsmiths College.

Really, I expect they would send CONDITIONAL OFFER to me.

However, they REJECTED my application.

I cannot understand why they rejected me.

I really disapointment of Goldsmiths.
They give serious SHAME to me.

Really, Really, I cannot understand
F*****G Goldsmiths Admission officer.

F""K OFF, Goldsmiths!

05 February 2007


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I feel it comes again now.

(If you do not know about the Nightmare of last summer)
(Please see this blog's August and September articles in 2006)

30 January 2007

The First Result

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Of Course...
University of East Anglia, Thank you for recive my application

The Depress News from Austarila

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I have a letter from a university which I must reply as soon as possible.
However, I have not sent reply of the mail yet because this letter is an assessment for my univ. application.

I have seen this news on Korean internet site and found relative news article on Austarila sites.
Which news makes to depress me?

I so scared...
When I leave the UK, will I be one of them who mentioned that journal?

Why am I here?
Why do I choose the UK?
Why do I want to study English?

I understand a bit why I failed to enter university last year.

24 January 2007

Snow in Brighton

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I really suprised in today morning

I never expect I can see snow in this city.
However, my expect is wrong.

Really, it is best seen in my life without Terrible Traffic situation.
(some railway and bus services were cancled)

Anyway, Snow is stopped and Brigthon is returned to general situation.
However, everybody do not forget today the present from the sky.