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24 December 2007

Merry Christmas...

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Now... Paris' christmas is started.

I want to you have enjoy Christmas holidaies.

Merry Christmas.

(From Paris)

X-MAS EVE's morning at Brookes Headington (Gipsy Lane) Campus

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It's Christmas eve's morning.

The day start normally.
However, today's greeting is different.


(Thank you for people, who works today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow)

[P.S.] Comment, will you???

23 December 2007

Early Back to home...

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Oh... Bloody fog...
My Paris trip is DELAYED by this weather.

19 December 2007

Sorry, I was one of 37% (the 17th Republic of Korea Presidential election)

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63% Korean electors were attended the 17th Republic of Korea (South) Presidential Election.
This figure is much lower than previous Presidential Electrons.

Honestly, Lee Myung-bak was not my favorite candidate but I do not want he would be the president.
However, Lee is the Pre-president of Republic of Korea by 48.7% voting.
My favorite candidate got just 5.8% voting.

However, I am afraid to claim this result because I am one of 37%, who did not vote.
I live in Oxford,England so It's hard to attend election.
I know some Korean, who live in oversea countries, went to South Korea for voting but it needs spending lots of money and time.

Quite sad, this result but Lee is our new president from next middle of Feb.
I just hope my country is going well.

Relative article : The Hankyoreh / Aljazeera English

Lee Myung-bak (might be) The New President of Republic of Korea

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KST 18:00 / GMT 09:00
The 17th Republic of Korea Presidential Election is finished and Korean Broadcasting stations announced the exit pool result.

The results are Lee Myung-bak (National Grand Party, Conservative) might be won the election.

These results expect Lee will get 50.3% (KBS&MBC), 51.3% (SBS) or 49.0% (YTN).

YES... It's absolute perfect winning.

Hu... I do not know how do I say this result. Just It's not GOOD for me.

(The final election attendance is 62.8%)

Relative Article: Conservative Lee Myung-bak likely to win presidential election
(Photo from YTN)

17 December 2007

Good bye Megan!

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Megan's Leaving
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지호 Ji Ho 志浩
Today... I lose another roommate.

Our cute roommate Megan, who was one of SECOND year student at Morrell K7, leave the our Small brother house today.

She will go the another country, where is able to see kangaroos.

Good bye Megan, We will miss you. (From Morrell K7 Residences)

The last photo with roommates (Megan, Methew & Andrew) [from left]

03 December 2007

Hard to write about my teammates...

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AM 06:15....
Oh dear... Today.. I haven't slept.

Tonight, I thought my team-mates because I have to fill 'Peer Feedback' about them.
This form is quite serious for us because 10% of final result will come from this part.

It's true. I am very happy with my team-mates.
Even we've got terrible Poster grade.
We have been doing well this semester. (AM 9, Harcourt Hill)

Also, it's true. they are much better than me.
However, I have to write some weak points of them. (Yes... It's non-sense)

I'm afraid of their reaction of them feedback from me.
I know... my feedback will be terrible or not.

However, do I put all of them in the feedback form?
Yes.. I do not know...

(To. Mates)
Sorry... I do not want you are annoyed from your feedback from me.
- Ji Hio