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30 January 2007

The First Result

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Of Course...
University of East Anglia, Thank you for recive my application

The Depress News from Austarila

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I have a letter from a university which I must reply as soon as possible.
However, I have not sent reply of the mail yet because this letter is an assessment for my univ. application.

I have seen this news on Korean internet site and found relative news article on Austarila sites.
Which news makes to depress me?

I so scared...
When I leave the UK, will I be one of them who mentioned that journal?

Why am I here?
Why do I choose the UK?
Why do I want to study English?

I understand a bit why I failed to enter university last year.

24 January 2007

Snow in Brighton

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I really suprised in today morning

I never expect I can see snow in this city.
However, my expect is wrong.

Really, it is best seen in my life without Terrible Traffic situation.
(some railway and bus services were cancled)

Anyway, Snow is stopped and Brigthon is returned to general situation.
However, everybody do not forget today the present from the sky.


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It's the first SNOW in 2007!
SNOW comes to Brighton again...

Oh... lovely

18 January 2007

Big Brother! the name is on WORLD NEWS.

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Jeniffer - who teached me last term - said once in the lecture.
"We have freedom of speech but we cannot say this one. It is racism"

Last year, some programme of channel 4's name was on Politics News because George Galloway.

This year, their name on Current Affair again.
Because some of contestants said RACISM on this programme.

This programme's name is Celebrity Big Brother.
All of Channel 4's broadcasting schedule is changed when this program is on-air.
Also, some of this programme's winner would be Big Celebrity after broadcasting.
For example, Chantelle is last season winner and Pete and Niki are Big Brother 7's contestants.

OK.. Anyway... The problem is RACISM.
Center of problem is Ex-Big Brother famous contestant, JADE and Bollywood star, Shilpa.
They appearance on this year Celebrity Big Brother now.
Last sunday, Shilpa cooked Chicken for Big Brother housemates and Jade, Danniel and Jo dislike her food and said Racism comment.

Jade,Danniel and Jo did serious mistake on TV.
However, Big Brother production team are not free from these problem.

They have to remember Big Brother servants episode.
This episode is the starting point of problems.
(I hope say detail but I do not have time so Please check Big Brother Home Page)

Anyway, Channel 4 would be the channel of the world.
Why? Click here.

I enjoy this program also my room-mates watch this show.
They are Pakistani.
CBB production team... Are not you shame from these viewers?

Releative Homepage : Celebrity Big Brother (Channel 4)

16 January 2007

This is the world of news

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Left : France24 [] on the laptop
Right : Aljazeera English [] on the TV

Comment about New class

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Intensive Group B

OK... It's right. Everything are so good without one problems.
Our class use TOTAL ENGLISH 'INTERMEDIATE' which book I used last term.
YES... It is good but the problem is I learn from first page AGAIN... Oh dear! Is it replay first term?


1,Welcome to ARAB world.
Our IELTS classmates are seven and most of them are come from Middle-East (without Me and Zuzana) so maybe our Friday class can move to Thursday.

2,Ah! Telegraph!
Julie showed some of HORRIBLE pictures which took Fat Boy Slim Beach Party.
Why is it Horrible?
I found... there was ME...

OK... I understand the ARGUS...
Why.. Why? Telegraph....


Anyway, Today I try our Intensive classmate's welcome party but i worry... do they have time tonight? Um...

15 January 2007

New week's morning

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New group
New classroom
New tutors [?]
New classmates [?]

Anyway... It's start of intensive english second term.

09 January 2007

From friend's flat, hove

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I was in here about 6 months ago.
[actually, it was sayaka's birthday]

I felt unsatifaction from brighthelm room mates and i leaved the home.

Then was saturday. Most hostel's vacancis were full so i entered a small hotel.

Maybe i paid 200 pound for two days.

Now, i am same street. It's first meeting of ex-intensive course B students.

I memory stupid situation before 6 months ago.
[also you can find relative posts on my blog]

However, i am lonely yet....


[ps] sorry my mobile phone camera's ability is not good so you can see just black.

[ps 2] today is strange. Maybe, Google has big fixing on here.

07 January 2007

Back 2 Sussex Language Institute

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It's time to back.
I afraid tomorrow morning.
1, I start the war again which go to the uni by bus.
2,I will meet new people.
3,I will say 'sorry' to lots of people.
and they will say this song's title

Anyway... See You tomorrow

03 January 2007

Stupid Mistake

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Why do I forget UCAS application deadline? ....
Really, I'm stupid...

01 January 2007

The party is finish

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Ah... Hungry..

Party go the end.

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PM 7:45 now

PM 7:30 ... This is Brighton beach

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Fat Boy Slim

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Host of this beach party
[Live from brighton beach]

Brighton in the dance stage

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Crowns in beach

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Really, here is VERY many people ^^
[live from beach - fat boy slim beach party]

Now brighton beach

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Fat Boy Slim's party time

First to the last

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Originally, i stood front area when the party started but i am in the last.
Because.... Really i want to go TOILET --;

Party kick off

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R u ready?

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Party kick off after 10min

Fat Boy Slim Beach Party

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now Brighton Beach

A Whole New World

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2006 is gone
we meet new year, 2007.
I hope this year will be perfectly new world.
However, is it possbile?