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30 October 2005

I will come back

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Vacation is end.
Oh... NO

Forrest Gump

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Forest Gump /1994 / USA / DRAMA / Director : Robert Zemeckis
I watched this film at a Big cinema at the Seoul Central.
Film started at AM 11 o'clock. So, I went to the cinema early. (Because, It's cheap)
Now, the cinema change to the multiplax cinema.
Today I watched the news about some teenage girls.
At the gallery, Some girls showed a famous singer. (Also, It's false)
So, Many girls pushed another person because they saw him(singer).
And, 10 girls had injury.
Many Korean Netizen think that they don't understand some teenage girls behavior.
"Why they crazyed when they saw the entainer"
"Poolish girls, Singer know you mind? Never.."
However, I can understand their mind.
Why? I have same mind.
Broadcast director...
It's too hard job of getting.
So, Broadcast company entered exam's kickname is "Broadcast-Gosi"
(Gosi means national officer (Office,Law,diplomatic) choosed exam)
When I young. Maybe, that is utopia.
Entainment, News, Drama, Show....
I want to make that. No, I want to entered the broadcast world.
However, I grew up. I know broadcast's bad side.
Bribe, Watch point, Advertisement...
Yes, All thing don't have utopia.
But, I stand at LONDON. Because, Entered the broadcasting company.
Even, That have bad side. My dream don't change.
It's that Forrest Gump's mind to Jane.

21 October 2005


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Last Thurday
I did exam about English leature.
Oh... Sky don't give up me.
I overd cutline. (Also, My score is the least)

Why I come here?
Because, university degree and understand English.

I know well about my english capicity.
And, I know well that it effective my another subjcet (media & psychology).
So, My mind is too depress.

I often feel the loney.
I can't speak my classmate.
I can't express my opinion.
Sometimes, I can't understand leature. It's effective next leature.

When My classmate talk, I just saw that.
And, I heard My MP3 player.
For forgetting My loney mind.
However, It's too hard.

16 October 2005

Oh... Laptop

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SONY VAIO VGNS5VP/B.CEK £ 1,799.00 VAT incl.

My laptop is too oldest.
Pentium 3,128 ram,windows 98...
My friend said, "Hey... You naver lost it! Who get it?"
Yes... it's right.

Organally, it's father laptop.
Umm... I met 2000 year it. Past 5 years.
I choose it for my father.
During last 5years, It very well for my family.

However, Computing envoriment change to windows XP.
My father Laptop change new model. (by me..)
And, I take it for my oversea life.

My sister recomend that "I think you buy new model"
However, I afraid to lost. So, I refused it.

Recently, I looking new laptop at ebayUK.
Hoo... It's too hard. Cost, Perfomence is unmatched.
In addition, Some model swindle....

Maybe... I wait winter sale??
(However, My residence close at X-mas!!)

13 October 2005

Oh! Victory KOREA!!!

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I saw & shouted "Oh! Victory KOREA!!!"
at the library

South Korea Sees New Hope


news from THE KOREA TIMES / photo from YONHAP NEWS

11 October 2005

Our Twisted Hero

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Our Twisted Hero , Korea , 1992 , Drama , Director : Park jong won

When I prepared applying Korea National University of Arts.
I saw this moive.

This movie synopsys is that
" I move to primary countryside school. When I met 'Suck-dae'. He is the king of my class. I hated all of 'Suck-dae'. So, I resistanced him. However, after few month, I entered the 'Suck-dae world'. When came to 2nd term. New tutorial teacher came to my class. He tried change the Suck-dae world. Finally, Suck-dae all classmate revanged Suck-dae (expect me). At the same day night, He fired Our classroom and left. "

My English capacity is too poor. So I can't detail story.

Recently, Our county middle school(UK -> GCSE) happen murder accident.
The familyname of Choi student killed my classmate.
Beacuse, " his body passed victim classmate book".

This accident annouced on the internet by victim cousin.
Many Netizen(internet user) upset of this news.
So, they write comment at potal site (UK -> Yahoo,msn) news section

However, Potal site ereased these comment.
Because, " resepect harmer(Choi),their family and school right"

So, many netizen angry this event.
Some netizen make wrong news (about harmer).

I rembered a netizen comment.
"Why we angry? Because, we try disappear 'Our Twisted Hero'"

10 October 2005

Gambling (the name of "go to the univ.")

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When I got the Korean SAT result paper.
I saw table paper that helping for apply University.

My tutorial teacher (In Korean "DAM-IM SA~~M") said
"Let me see... This is too hard. Umm.. It is good. Could you apply this university?"

2000, first winter.
I gambled the name of "go to the university".
All university apply failed. (in my country can apply 4 times)
And I try apply of College. (In my country University is "Undergraduate Course" College is "Diploma course")

Finally, I entered Dongseoul college. That is my safety applying.
(But I don't regret my college)

Today, I remember this experience.
Hu... Do I again gambling? The Times Good University Guide The Guardian University Guide

09 October 2005

This is LONDON

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A Korean Pig stand at London Greenwich.
Its goal is only learning English and getting Univ. degree.
The pig made Blog.
And The pig said that "I will write only English on my blog."
Well... It will be OK?
Welcome to jiho's English blog