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29 September 2006

I m alone again

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This is London Bridge, my residence.

Today I met friend who met when i lived in London.
And I sent to him at Euston Station.

When I wait his train.
I sent SMS to all of my mobile phone store.

Everyone know I m in the London (it is not London Road) and I failed.

I say again Sorry about sent message.
Why I did...

anyway... Tonight I stay alone again...

28 September 2006

This is London

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It's rainny...
It's likely when I got the news about fail of entering.

I met rain and walked.

Yet... My heart have a bit tear...
Like... rain...

Say 'Good Bye'...

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Today is the last day for i m live in a Brighton's Hostel.

At AM 10:00 I will move new home near Brighton Uni And
I will leave to London.

At the moment I want to escape from Brighton, terrible memory and busy friends.

I think it's better of both.


27 September 2006

"Sorry... I'm busy..."

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Everyone are being busy now....
Surely, I busied because I suched my new accomdation.

Last night. I watched the football match in the Pub.
When I drunk some beer I miss some friends and I called...

They answer?

This post's title is answer.

Maybe they have happy and busy time for this week.
New class, New friends, New enviroments....

Hu... I'm dummy...

24 September 2006

Jiho's new goal

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IELTS 5.5 -> 6.0 (but final goal is 6.5 or 7.0)


East Anglia
Goldsmith College

(Loughborough and Sussex are second attempt.)

I never DIE!!!!!

Yet... Tears were not dried.

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Suddenly, I leave the house because I m not Sussex Univ students.
So my residence move to Hostel for four days.

Today morning, I find my tears again.
I tryt think it's better decision, just dealy one year.
However, My tear cannot stopped.

I want to rest this week but i cannot do it.
Because I have to find new accomdation.
Surely, It is not easy....

My situatuon is a bit worth than Postgraduate students.
Because They get promise which is if they pass Pre-Master course they absoulty enter Sussex Univ.
But... I start again from first step.

I decide new goal.
When I solve hosing problem, I will contact some university.
Surely, the goal higher than before 1 year.

Now I need someone's help.
This hostel is so nice but it's not enough covering my lonely.

Recently, I often send SMS to my ex-roommates.
Sorry... Too sadness... Too lonely...

22 September 2006

Good Bye University of Sussex

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Dear Jiho

I write with regard to your conditional offer of a place on the Media Practice & Theory degree (UCAS Code P310).

As you know your offer was conditional upon you passing as IELTS test (or equivalent) with 6.5 overall, including 6 in both the Reading and Writing Sections. Unfortunately you did not achieve this level of English in your recent test and our Sussex Language Institite have indicated that your English level is not strong enough to cope with the demands of our degree.

I am sorry to send disappointing news, but we cannot comfirm your place this year.

If you wish to undertaken futher English studies and reapply to the University of Sussex in the future we would be very happy to receive another application. I am afraid, however that you are ready at this time for the Media Practice & Theory degree.

From Undergraduate Office

I believe It's not finish.
It's another start and another motivative.

Thanks for my family
Thanks for firends.

All things are not chnaged just I'm not undergraduate student.

Defection D-day, negotiation Start

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Breaking Update.

My final result

Reading : 84% / Writing & Study Skills : 55% / Listening : 56% / Speaking Skills & Oral Presentation 55%

Overall : 63% . Project : 46%
Language Use & Accuracy : 10%

I have to get overall 65% but it is less than univ's needs.
I ran to School of Huminities Office and I will visit Undergraduate Office @ 11.15.

Maybe... My enterence will decide @ Undergraduate Office.

Really? I have hoping?
Please... Help me...

Defection D-day

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It's Today...
Lasy day...
Final day...
When I know this fact, I try to denie that.
"It's wrong, I can enter here"
But... I know... here does not match of me.
Now... I'm comportable...
I can meet the final result.
Now I just worry my tutors, friends or family.
I just say 'Sorry' to them.
Remember... When I applied here.
My first apply result did come from Royal Hollyway.
Terrible... Unsuccesful.
After than, I met suprise result.
A university which I believed I never enter there.
They send to respond to me.
It is the cause of why I come in Brighton.
Then hope change to regret.
I got 4 univ's conditional offer.
Sussex, City, Anglia Ruskin (old APU) and London Metropolitan
Original first and second choice was failed.
I remember when I recieve Sussex's conditional letter.
I disappointed of high condition but really happied.
It's the post updated when I recieved first conditional letter.
English is always stress of me.
Always I heard that "Jiho's ability is good but his problem is just English"
Surely, It's not my pride.
Some concept I can explained by Korean
However I did not because I have to explain English.
When I saw some tutor's poor board writing.
I upseted so I prepared Laptop Notebook.
English is always the wall of my communication.
Study, Friends...
Always English interrupt me.
Also, Today...
Can you understand Teletubbies programme?
My situation is same of that.
Tutors' and Sussex friends' respond are different.
Tutors said "Just one year is hard to learn Academic Language"
Friends said "Yet we do not know final result Please don't give up"
However, Any my friends' mind were not same of me.
They have dream of their UK university life.
However I'm not.
Now time AM 1:55...
Firstly I heard BBC RADIO 3 long time.
I do not know what I do.
Anyway the result is decided and I just need to wait that.
However... too long time.
It's rainy...

21 September 2006

Defection D-1, After recieve the Project result

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I have to recieve 55% But I just got 46%

46%... It's increased 6% of last Pre-sessional B result.
However, It's too far from univ's needs.

Really, I need to back?

Defection D-1, Before recieve the Project result

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Yet Comments are not here.
I know someone visited my blog but they did not remain the comment on here.

Is it just Worring?
After about 1 hour, I will recieve the Project essay's Final result.
My defection will be decide this result and yesterday Exam's collocation.

Tension, Excite... Now my feeling.
However, I have to know that, I do not have hope.
Already, the situation was finished.

Yes I did not say to my home.
I worry. I'm OK but I worry my family's disappointment.

In addation, another problem is I do not have enough money now.

20 September 2006

Defection D-2, After Exam

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Whole things are finished.
From now, the lecture is option. (Really?)

Exam's feeling is 'Maybe' but 'Of course'.

Reading and Writing question's surprisely good for me.
But my terrible weakness, Use of English and New polt 'Listening'.
Use of English is easier than my expect but Listening is terrible.
In addtion, P.A. equiepment is not good.

Finally, Listening exam lead me to airport.

Yes... It's all...
It's finish...

However, I fell relieved.
From Now, I prepare come back.
But... How say to home about this fact?


(P.S.) This post send to my ex-roommates by E-mail.
Maybe... I worry it's last greeting for them.
If who visit here, writing comment please for FAREWELL.

Defection D-2 , Exam before about 4hours

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It's final.
It's my last chance of Sussex.

However, I cannot find hoping.
Is it just the process of retuning?

After exam, everyone can be smile but i cannot do it.

(P.S.) I worry Thai friends. I want to do not know what happen in their country now until exam finish. However, I think they already know that. BBC NEWS Asia-Pacfic section

19 September 2006

Defection D-3

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It will be cleared.
I have to leave here.

Today, I had Presentation. The result? Of course, it's terrible. 100% it played my expect's opposit.

Today I will prepare tomorrow exam but I know my last time.

Also, I did not say 'Farewell' so I say that here to Sussex friends.

Jessica - Good Bye

I can see the pain living in your eyes.
And I know how hard you try
You deserve to have so much more.
I can feel your heart and I sympathize
And I'll never criticize all you've ever meant to my life
I don't want to let you down I don't want to lead you on
I don't want to hold you back From where you might belong
You would never ask me why My heart is so disguised
I just can't live a lie anymore
I would rather hurt myself Than to ever make you cry
There's nothing left to say but goodbye.
You deserve the chance at the kind of love
I'm not sure I'm worthy of losing you is painful to me.
I don't want to let you down I don't want to lead you on
I don't want to hold you back From where you might belong
You would never ask me why My heart is so disguised
I just can't live a lie anymore
I would rather hurt myself Than to ever make you cry
There's nothing left to say but goodbye.
You would never ask me why My heart is so disguised
I just can't live a lie anymore
I would rather hurt myself Than to ever make you cry
There's nothing left to try Thought it's gonna hurt us both
There's no others way than to say goodbye.

18 September 2006

Defection D-4

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When I met terrible situation.
Also the sky waste me...

Yesterday Night I lived in a uni's 24hour PC center with My Ferrari Laptop.

When I leaved there (Take the Coffee) I locked my laptop to another computer's monitor.

When I released Kensington Lock. I did not work.
So my laptop lived in a Univ of Sussex's PC cluster.
The way is just one. disconnecting the iron Wire.
However, It is not easy because this one use special wire.

Anyway... Someday I will leave my laptop in here.
Because I do not have enough time for disconnecting.
Instand of, Maybe I will study here.

Today I'm hitted counter punch.
Its name is 'Use of English'. This exam's Grammar part.
I cannot flow the leacture because It's my serious weakness.
If is it multiful choice, I have some hoping but it is not.

Finally, It say why I leave University of Sussex.

Tomorrow... Can I say farewell?
I prepared that.

17 September 2006

Defection D-5

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Anger is changed discourgement.

I try use more time for prepare Presentation of Exam.
However, yet I cannot erease terrible memories.

Problem's start was IELTS.
When I finished Pre-sessional B, I took IELTS again.
(Surely, Just Alone in Sussex Pre-sessional)

The result was not good.
I found my english level's upgrade but it is too less than Uni's needs.

Unfortunately, everyone knew this result.

When I recieved the result, I thought 'Success upgrade so I have hope'
However After someday, this idea broke.

Suddenly, I ran to Undergrade Office. I took my result to them.
They did not know why I came there and just said 'We will be decided by 20th exam's result'.
And my tutor and Programme manager asked alternative ways (such as College..)

Say again, I NEVER PICK this card.
So, If I fail I met serious situation and It will be decide my life.

Anyway, I'm in the Pevensey 1.
Here has 24hours PC service.
Maybe, Tonight I will live here because I have to a lot of things.

Now I heard the song, which is my presentaion's ending.
This presentation will be different of before 2 times.
Because... It's last presentation of me in the University of Sussex.

16 September 2006

Defection D-6

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Today, I move the house because University's housing policy.

However, I cannot change my documents (Driviing Licences, TV Licences...) to this address because I can live here just 1weeks.
It looks like Big Brother house's temptory room, which is evictied house mates lived.

Already, my tutor predicted I will fail the exam and she recomends alternative ways.
Also these ways were recomended by Language Center manager.

However, I cannot use those opitions.
Those opinions break the basic purpose of my study.
So I just wait the final day in the Brighton.

Surely, I have another chance which is Sussex enterence Exam.
However, According to the cause of their recommed, It will be not helpful of me.

Really, I exhausted.
Now I put off the cloth, which unmathched of me.

I have just 6 Days...

What do I do?
Firstly, I just prepare Presentation.
Next? I do not know.

14 September 2006

closed to Airport

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Seminar is ruined...

Maybe I try visit

13 September 2006

Booking Van or plane ticket?

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Photo from Chosun Ilbo (
Last 5,April
Many Korean scared of a football player's injury.
Lee Dong-guk... (Lee is family name)
He was important striker of the Korean national football team.
And he waited and prepared the World cup for 4 years.
(2002 : Did not pick up even he was famous)
World cup's kick off remind just 1~2 month.
He met the terrible situation.
He did not play at World cup Germany.
he waited too long time for World cup but God did not permited that he play on Germany ground.
Now my situation.
Maybe I give up my plan because of Language(English).
Actually I cannot study in here at October because my english ability is not enough to university's needs.
However I want to stay here.
Chance is just one.
Terrible new type's University of Sussex entering exam.
I worry that and confused.
In addition, tomorrow Seminar exam also is not easy.
It does not mean about topic, the problem is seminar manage style.
100% It is opposit my expect.
In addition, Presentation, Essay and exam.
I don't have confidence of them.
The result will see at 22nd.
Then Will I book VAN or Air plane ticket?
This week is too scared of me.

12 September 2006


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At 11, September, 2001, the world looked that the landmark of the USA disappeared by airplanes. It was shocking and starting of new fear. After then the USA started the war against terrorism and many people and solider were died by that. Let's think about that? What is true of 11, September? Do you know real murderers? Does it really relative of Al-Queada? The fact is George W. Bush's level of support was increased than 11, September so many people have gussed about the USA governments' themselves play. Really, we do not know the fact of 11, September. What is true?

... still here because this homework's purpose writing introduction.

10 September 2006

Capital Punishment

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This issue come again...
this topic choose topic for assessment seminar.
Oh dear...
This topic was Bellerbys (Before my Foundation) assessment topic.
(But... The topic changed to alternative education)
In addition, yesterday a condermned criminal died by lung cancer in my country.
This case is first case who died by natural cause.
So... In my country potal site (MSN,Yahoo...) are have a lot of argue by internet user about capital punishment.
Where am I?
I don't know.
When I support abrogation, I think victim and their family.
When I support continuance, I think human right.
How do I???
Deadline is Thursday morning.

09 September 2006

Can I escape from dark tunnel?

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I'm not Exchange student.
I don't speak English well.
I don't have good result for entering Univ. (Such as IELTS)
I don't have good face and shape.

Pre-sessional C remain just 2 weeks and from next week I will take a exam (Seminar)
I think almost my friends know their new house and room.
However I don't know yet and I worry ask that to Housing office.

Yet lovely UCAS track system do not answer for me.

My friends find the smile but I'm not...

After 2weeks, whole things will be decide.
Really? Do I book return ticket?
(P.S.) Nor and Mix really thank you of your kindness and sorry...

06 September 2006

Good bye! Saturday's memory

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AFC Asian Cup Football 2007
Qualifying Group B
06.Sep.2006 PM 8:00 (KST) @ Suwon World Cup stadium, KOR

3" Seol Ki-hyeon ... KOR 1 - 0 TAIWAN

4" Jung Jo-gook ... KOR 2 - 0 TAIWAN

43" Seol Ki-hyeon ... KOR 3 - 0 TAIWAN

44" Jung Jo-gook ... KOR 4 - 0 TAIWAN

64" Cho Jae-jin ... KOR 5 - 0 TAIWAN

77" Kim Do-heon ... KOR 6 - 0 TAIWAN

83" Cho Jae-jin (pen) ... KOR 7 - 0 TAIWAN


88" Jung Jo-gook (Hat-trick) ... KOR 8 - 0 TAIWAN


Now my mind?

Releatve Article : Rampant Koreans ease to victory

(From AFC Asian Cup 2007 Official homepage)

Photo From : NAVER NEWS (

(Yonhap News, Osen and CBS NOCUT NEWS)

05 September 2006

Oh!!! It's my Style!!!

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Usually, Nor ask me about favourite Thai Food.
(because of she is Thai...)

I did not mentioned because I do not know Thai Food.
Today I find gooooood... my Styyyyyyle...

Its name is 'Na-i-so-i' nuddle...
It's perfect match with Rice (Have to Korean Rice !.!)

But Why do I miss Korean Gual-bi-Tang?

Info reference :
(Media Daum)

Jiho Park abscondence accident

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Come back home....
Originally, I went to back yesterday but the real meaning's come back is today.

From last Satudarday to now...
It was terrible time of me.

How about the result?
60pound Hotel
10pound TAXI (Why do 25bus start at 6pm)
and lot of TESCO point. (TESCO, long time long see)

Now typhoon was gone.

And I really sorry to roommates and I want to everyone see after october.

04 September 2006

I give clues but...

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Yet many people do not say the answer...
Really do not you know? or Do not you want to know that?

03 September 2006

Now Is My hope?

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for House 59, Group 16

02 September 2006

Last 1min....

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My high school teacher said that
"Just one time do mistake even before 100 times did well, It is Accident"
Today I saw big accident.
Please back to before 90min...
(from AFC Asian Cup 2007 official homepage)
P.S. to House 59
At the moment... I want to leave from the home
Why... Maybe You know that...

01 September 2006

VMA back to the NEWYORK

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This year is special year for MTV because they are 25 years old.
(OH~~ It's same of me!!!)

Anyway... MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARD had yesterday at the Radio City Music Hall, New York city.
Before 2 years ago, MTV moved the award ceremony to Miami Beach but when they had the award, they met terrible weather. (such as Hurricane, Katrina) so their the best party was so sad and quite.
Of course, VMA must have at New York. It lovely matched New York's mood.

VMA is my dream. In other words, My dream is TV music show director and make VMA so I want to see that but I cannot see that on TV because UK Freeview network is not involved MTV. (instand of TMF (MTV family))In addition, If I want to see that I will go to the PUB (lovely East sloop) but that show's casting time will be doubled England Football match (Euro 2007) or closing time.

Hu... However... Lovely MTV Overdrive show the show's first part.
So.. I you want to watch VMA's fantastic scenes.
Please click bottom line.

IN the USA :
IN the UK :