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27 March 2006


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Photo Greenwich Cutty Sark 24 March 2006, 23:28:04 (After Boat Party)

To. Isabelle
You are serious friend than teacher because of we have similar age.
(Of course, I respect you of teacher)
Thank you, always kind of me even poor essay and project.
(Of course, The grade was very unkindly --;)
Sometimes I bother you, it’s I wanna forget lonely.
I’m just one Korean in FM2 and my character is too shy so I often felt lonely.
In addition, My English is under elementally level. How talk with my classmates?
(When I write this letter, I see a lot of red and green line. [MS WORD 2003])
Yes… My classmates’ English is fantastic so I felt lack and it will lose confidence to me.
So I find to depend something and it is you.
If you felt displeased of my behaviour, I really beg your pardon.

Sometimes if you need Beer friend, Please contact me….
I will run to you and drink together of friend while teacher and student.
(Of course, Pay… (Puck~ Puck~))

To. Alex
Hey… Funny man.
How about Russia? Is there cold yet?
I felt you and me have a common point.
It is always we are not serious of lecture.
We are like mischief and love joke.
If I can speak English better than now, we will be golden duo.
(For example, Tom and Jerry)

I learn much video sense of you though project.
Of course, sometimes I felt stuffy during project term because of Communication.
I want to understand your idea while I cannot understand that.
In addition, we had conflict some scene. (Yes… I’m just camera man)
When I saw result file, I cannot believe that.
“Really, this picture is taken of me?”
I learn scare and editing tips of our project.
Really, thank you.

I recommend this site for you, this site will help you.

To. Gloria
Always you are pretty and cute.
When I see you, you always are not alone.
(In other word, always you are with friends.)

I envy you of that.
How you have a lot of friend?
Maybe I need learn Chinese… (爱你…)
And… you got offer from Loughborough University…
Maybe… Just I got the unsuccessful offer (Failed) of FM2.
One of them (Two universities) is Loughborough.
So I really envy you.
Of course, University’s offer is difficult of you. However you can success. I believe that.

I am really sorry you of two things.
One is Microwave scene expected of our project (thriller).
Another is when I call you I cannot recognition your voice. ^^;;;;;;

I know you live in here during Eastern Vacation.
If you boring or want to eating something.
Please contact me… I will have funny time with you and your friends.
(Maybe… will it be come??)

And, now it is doing MTV ASIA AWARD internet voting.
Hong Kong Candidates: Andy Lau • Eason Chan • Joey Yung • Leo Ku • Twins

To. Olga
When we see film, always hero or heroin’s character is nice and intelligent.
Its opposite character is always bad and has jealousy.

I think first character is you and second character is me.
When I check IELTS or Psychology task, I most check your paper.
So I often felt jealousy of you.
“Why Olga always get high mark!!”

However, I cannot hate you because your very nice mind.
I always thanks for your text message, card and picture.

My dream is not Reporter.
Reporter is attractive job of me while I don’t have courage of that.
If you see Good Night and Good luck, you can know it is too hard.

So I decide my way to entertainment program production.
Really I want to make MMA (MTV Music Video Award) or OSCAR AWARD.
Of course, someday I try making news show.
When is someday --;

Aha~ If you felt displeasure of Boat party, I really beg your pardon.
If you know that my character is too shy.
Originally, my concept was CRAZY of boat party and
I guessed any my classmates did not come there.
However, I saw you. (with a lot of your friends…)
I had shame so I unkind to you.
I ‘m really sorry that.

To. Roman
When I first saw you, I think you were not Korean.
However, when I know your surname I surprised.
“He is Корейского…” (Is it right spelling?)

I heard just Корейского’s badly situation in Korea.
However, you changed of my thinking.
Also, I interested Корейского’s life.

OK... Anyway…
I respect your idea.
When I saw your psychology advertisement project, I had big shock.
“Wow… Fantastic…”
Also, recently film poster (What is title??? ^^;;;;) is great.
If I make that it’s worse than street illegal poster.

I heard Advertisement is idea completion by someone.
Always, they catch new trend and show consumer.
It is easy just say while really hard work.
However, I believe you better.

To. Summer
When I see you, I think this word.

I really hardly approach to you.
Maybe I think I depressed your Film knowledge and fluently English.

Before 5 years ago, I prepared Film school in my country.
(Of course, you do not believe that while it’s true…)
I always choose counterproposal choice.
The other words, I choose another way of people.
The school is special ART university of Korea and it attracted of me.

Then I saw some films, I felt irritation.
“Film is entertainment. However what do I?”
Yes… I tried depth analysis film and it disappeared enjoy of film.
So… When I saw film I just enjoy that…
(Huk --; Izy..)

I envy your knowledge and passion of film.
It cannot compare of me.
I just sometimes enjoy read of Korean weekly film magazine.
However I try having interest of verity film genre.
Art and Commercial are difficult problem of film, Isn’t it?

If you have time I recommend visit in PIFF.
PIFF is the biggest international film festival in my country.
Of course, one of my recommend reasons is it happen Korean.
However, this film festival’s theme is attractive of you.
This festival’s goal is not flowed Hollywood.
Its goal is Asian people’s voice and face’s films finding.
Detail information is

If you want to see film someone.
Please contact me ^^; (Maybe.. with snack --;)

To. Yves
Hey… man… Where are you?
I forget your face.

You absent most lecture while always got the good grade.
So I felt jealousy of you.
“What problem of me!!”

Next term, I wish often see you in the classroom. Really…
When I paid lecture fee my mind is depressed.
Because of too expensive --;
So I do not absent lecture. (Of course, lecture attention is…)

If you go to club party or hip-hop performance, could you invite me?
Maybe you do not believe that, I really interest party.
When I finish my course, I want to work at MTV.
My dream is making fantastic music show.
So I interest club culture and young generation trend.
Hey man! Play with me! OK?

To. FM2 September members
I’m really sorry that I write these letters on my blog.
Of course, I have to write each paper and send to each.
However, my handwriting is too poor. ^^;;;;;;;

I hope when you read these letters you find new me.
(Never--; Oh S***…)

If you felt displeased of my behaviour, I really beg your pardon.
(This sentence use very often)
I want to make friend while I do not have courage.
So I show my mind of over behaviour.
Could you understand me?

How finish these letters?
My background is different yours.
You graduate high school while I already graduate college in my country.
So my friends work some companies or study at university.
When I heard them story, I envy them and felt lonely.

Could you help me? I really need your help.

Secretive, Difficult to fathom and to be understood, Emotional, Temperamental and unpredictable, Moody and easily hurt, Forgiving but never forgets (?), Loves to be alone, Always broods about the past and the old friends, Likes to be quiet, Homely person, Never looks for friends, Prone to having stomach and dieting problems (?) , Loves to be loved, Easily hurt but takes long to recover
Waits for friends

Jiho Park

P.S : Where is Tomoka ???

06 March 2006

DIARY | Two sentence...

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0130 GMT, Wallace & Gromit winner Steve Box

"Someone once said if you make a bad film you make it alone, if you if you make a great film everyone made it with you. We made a great film, guys. Cracking cheese Gromit".

Now Jiho is seeing OSCAR award on the
(So... Jiho just see PRESS INTERVIEW !.!)

05 March 2006

Photo | in the tunnel

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I'm in Tunnel, Yet...

02 March 2006

Photo | 01.march.2006 in London

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Snow... Long time no see..