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29 November 2006

Remained Unchanged...

17 Nov 2006, PM 4:15
I walked again in my country past about a year.

The feeling when I steped on the ground of my country was nothing special.
I worried the way go to my home.
Exactly, I really move back to about one year ago when I went to UK.

I met my family so late time because they were busy for prepareing my sister's wedding.
They suprised when they saw me.
"Oh! dear! you don't change any thing!"

Cloth (without watch and shoes), body shape and face were same one year ago.

Also, when I stayed my home for a week, my lifestyle was same of before a year.
Meeting friends, weak up time, internet suffing, sleep on the metro(tube), run for catching bus...

Really I asked me that "Am I lived in UK for one year??"

Of course, I felt some change in my country.
Near airport is bulited new train station.
My bus number was changed slightly.
I saw new road near my home.
One of seoul tube companies was changed the their name. (Seoul Subway -> Seoul Metro)
I went to new tube station when I went to my hometown.
Finally, Mcdonald opens 24hours. (This point cannot image in the UK)

However, I did not felt these change.

likes my english...