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03 March 2007

Escape oversea student

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Yesterday, I sent e-mail to my sister about my English tutor fee.

"Eastern-Link, 3rd Intensive, IELTS so.."

Everybody already know its cost is not cheap. (It's terribly Expensive)

When I pressed "Sent" button, My face was wet by my tears.

Second Chance, I don't want to lose this chance.

In other words, I really want to enter some of university which I applied.

However, they have given serious shame to me.

And I consider some universities which has low-name value.

Yesterday, I've got good news from a university.

Accroding to the letter, they interested in my qualifications.
In addition, The English qualification which they need is not much high.

Really, It is fantastic deal of me.
However, Problems are...
First, will they really give Conditional offer to me?
Second, will my family agree that I study there?

I am very scary because I have to say "I cannot enter Sussex" to my family.

In addition, if I say "I will study a university which is not famous in UK"...
Surely, they agree my decision but They will disapoint me.

The escape oversea student is who have studied in an oversea country but they didn't study well there.

Finally, is my name listed on the escape oversea student?

(P.S.) I am very worry the one university's letter which is written they interested my profile.
However, I cannot say the university's name because I worry It can be LIP SERVICE.

I have a terrible memomy about LIP SERVICE from GxxxSxxxx in Lxxxxx.