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29 January 2008

Am I famous ??? (What -__-;;;)

It is back!

Harcourt Hill Breakfast Club at B1/39... (This lecture is started at 9AM)

Just its date is moved Monday to Tuesday.

(U75100 Human communication -> U75103 Interpersonal Skills)

Same classroom, Same module leader (Tutor), Just Some Of recognised students (^_-;;;;)

However... this course has very heavy reading list and more team work tasks...

(It means... Not easy going...)


During the lecture, we had introduce each others by some words which related name's character.

(E.G. -> J-Jealous I-International Student H-Humorous O-Oldest)

After this activity, Module Leader asked each students name to every students.

Okay... When my name was asked...

I heard the loudest voice in the classroom.

(YES... Most of them recognised my name -__-;;)

Okay... the interesting point is....

this class' men are just three...

Most of gender is WOMEN (Include module leader)..

As... This music video...

(P.S.) What's the meaning of 'GIRL FIREND'? (-_-;;)

(For Who see my post by facrbook note)

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