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21 November 2005

My boyfriend is Type-B

My boyfriend is Type-B / 2005 / Romentic / Korea / Director : Choi Sock-won
The ABO blood grouping syetem was discovered by Dr Karl Landsteiner. He was the first to realise that not all blood was the same. He determined that most people have O genes, some have A and some have B, and that relatively small proprtion have both A and B genes.
(from Bellerbys 'Foundation English Skills' page.24)
Which blood type is your type?
Someday, People belive ABO blood type is related to people's character.
So, early this year showed many ABO blood type stories. (In addtion, It has song)
This film said couple's love about ABO blood type.
The story is too shy A-type girl fall in love to too selfish B-type Man.
(Yes, That's all !!!)
Recently, I usually to see cartoon site talk about ABO blood type.
When I see that I sympathize Him
Because, He is type-A (Also, I'm type A)
"Are you too shy and usually disappointment?"
This sentence can make just 3 words.
"Are you Type-A ?"
Usually, I think Type-A's character.
First, I'm too shy.
Of course, they more friendly me. I will be crazy.
(some Korean embarssy CES students know my another character)
However, I want to tell another my classmate.
Why? I felt they hate me. They don't think anything about me.
(Maybe, They really hate me <- Of course, A-type)
Suddnely I think a Korean poem
"When I call Him(or her). He(or She) come to me and will be flower"
Second, I'm usually disapointment.
Especially, When I return report. I want find dog hall.
Fortuneatly or Unfortunatly, my point always same.
However, It's too less my goal university needs.
Today, some classmates look like dissatisfacted their point.
I say by inner-voice to them.
"Ya!!! You are already get over 60%" (Huk!!! my point...)
('Ya' means 'Hey' [It's Korean])
In addition, When I don't understand lecture.
When I crazy than.
(So, My middle student report's all 'Understanding of key concepts' is under 'Moderate')
Ah! Maybe Last Friday...
I changed my classroom dest structure. (It's for good team work & talking mood --;)
But... B..ut... B..b....ut......
Our media teacher said that "Please come back to orginally"
I disappointmented then. (during 4 hours)
And, I can't understand then lecture. (especially, Charity adverbs --;)
Please, My classmates and teachers know my characters.
Really! I lonely!!!!!
(maybe.. is my media teacher blood type-A? A~~~a~~~k!!!!!!!)