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19 November 2005

When I want drinking

1,I want making girl friend (I'm a virgin~)

2,Postbox don't change. (because My banking apply)
3,My report point is too least. (I wrote that with can't sleep.. ;_;)
4,Poor hand writing at whiteboard (Of course, My handwriting is poor.. --;)
5,Too many homework (Oh~ lovely lovely~ homework -our m**** teacher : I**-)
6,Ebay lose biding (hu... Money is enemy)
7,When I wrote report. Don't think next setence (cause of i can't sleep)
8,Korean national football team lose (My friend crazy because his support team losed [C*****])
9,When I eat lunch. I don't have enough COINS. (Is 20pound display?)
10,Student Services (They steeled my electric met)
11,University enrty grade (Is 65% & 6.5 kinnding?)
12,When I try talk on the mesenger. They said "I'm busy now" (fuck --;)
13,can't understand lecture (handwriting & speaking... / I envy my classmate)
14,UK Internet speed (In addition, Don't use P2P. fuck -_-)
15,Anyone don't see my news board (is it easy --;)
16,My classmate don't talk with me (Lonely~ I'm Lonely~ [maybe, my mobilphone bell will..])

And... When I felt Lonely...

That's cause of drinking
However, That don't solve that.

Yes! Let's drinking now!!
Forget psychology report,english eassy,media analysis

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