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10 May 2006

Pandora's BOX

Originally, I tried update this film when finish 2nd term.
However, I got the file at start 3rd term so now I show that.

The evaluation of this film’s start sentence is
“Can I make this film without any staff and actor?”

Yes… This film perfectly made just alone.
(Really, Director, Cameramen, Editor and Actor was me)

Anyway, my goal of this film was “keep the deadline”
When my classmate considered increase their film’s quality,
I considered deadline.

So, I did not expect about positive response.
However, fortunately, this film gives the best point of whole my result in Bellerbys to me.

Why I made the film just alone?
I think it is the problem of me.

Romantic cats…
Now I want to escape that.

(To. FM2 members [with Isabelle Bristow])
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Anonymous said...

That movie you did was very good. And during that media night, you had the most compliment from everyone! Well Done!

지호 | Jiho | 志浩 said...

To. Anonymous

Isn't it complain while compliment?

Thank you

Anonymous said...

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