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28 May 2006

American IDOL

American IDOL season 5 WINNER Tylor Hicks
(Winner Encore scene From ITV2)
What is American dream?
American conservative represent media company, FOX
they show one part of American dream.
When I watched American IDOL's Finale.
I really felt what is their dream.
They are standed big theater and showed their talent to a lot of viewer.
(Finale happen at KODAK theater [There happen OSCAR award])
In addition, They sung with their dream.
(In other words, they sung with some celebration singer)
Truly, Someone would be Dream.
(Kelly Clarkson is American IDOL season 1 WINNER)
This program's base is simple.
Just Song contest.
FOX and this program productions (FREMANTLE MEDIA, 19 Entertainment)
change to American dream's exhibition
Tomorrow will start X-FACTOR....
(X-FACTOR is American IDOL's British version by ITV)