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23 July 2006

Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation / 2003 / USA / Drama / Directed and Write by Sofia Coppola

From Today 9PM, Pay Film Channel ‘FILM FOUR’ start FREE broadcasting.
(Of course, It is just for Digital TV Viewers)
Free Film Four’s first film is ‘Lost in Translation’
This film had seen when I learned Non-verbal communication at the FM2.
(FM2 -> Bellerbys College [London] Foundation Media 2)

After then…
Izy(media, English and Tutorial tutor) asked short evaluation about this film to us.
I said that “This film is my story… Really it is my experience”

However one thing is different this film and my situation.
It is result.
This film final scene is Bob Harrison (Bill Murrary) and Charlotte’s (Scarlett Johansson) separation.
When I saw that I felt they found their new passion.
However, me?

I cannot find my passion yet.

I lost in translation.
This film is present progressive of me.

(PS) Unlucky… I lost last scene at this time because I try change my friend room’s light.

FilmFour Homepage :

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Gong young kyu said...

JI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Conguraturation your birthday ^^
Sometimes i miss you..
How about you?

Are your english improved?
I think you are improved!

Yesterday, i attended toeic exam.
It was first for me.
You know toeic exam is composed
with listening part and reading part. reading part is not difficult
but in listeng part, i coudn't solve most of questions.
I relized that my listeng is so bad

How can i improve my listening ability? would you advise to me?

In korea,i made 3 foreigner friends
who speak english. and i tried to
write english diary on my cyworld
hompage. i think these make my english better..^^

when you have a time, please visit
my hompage and comment me by english..!

I wanna know your lifestyle.
I heard Austrailia is like english.
because Austrailia was colony of
british. can you tell me??...

When are you gonna come to korea?
If you come to korea, call me.
I wanna see you..^^

Good byd.. ji...

Conguraturate your birthday again!

Have a nice day !!!!!!!!!!!