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16 January 2007

Comment about New class

Intensive Group B

OK... It's right. Everything are so good without one problems.
Our class use TOTAL ENGLISH 'INTERMEDIATE' which book I used last term.
YES... It is good but the problem is I learn from first page AGAIN... Oh dear! Is it replay first term?


1,Welcome to ARAB world.
Our IELTS classmates are seven and most of them are come from Middle-East (without Me and Zuzana) so maybe our Friday class can move to Thursday.

2,Ah! Telegraph!
Julie showed some of HORRIBLE pictures which took Fat Boy Slim Beach Party.
Why is it Horrible?
I found... there was ME...

OK... I understand the ARGUS...
Why.. Why? Telegraph....


Anyway, Today I try our Intensive classmate's welcome party but i worry... do they have time tonight? Um...