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18 January 2007

Big Brother! the name is on WORLD NEWS.

Jeniffer - who teached me last term - said once in the lecture.
"We have freedom of speech but we cannot say this one. It is racism"

Last year, some programme of channel 4's name was on Politics News because George Galloway.

This year, their name on Current Affair again.
Because some of contestants said RACISM on this programme.

This programme's name is Celebrity Big Brother.
All of Channel 4's broadcasting schedule is changed when this program is on-air.
Also, some of this programme's winner would be Big Celebrity after broadcasting.
For example, Chantelle is last season winner and Pete and Niki are Big Brother 7's contestants.

OK.. Anyway... The problem is RACISM.
Center of problem is Ex-Big Brother famous contestant, JADE and Bollywood star, Shilpa.
They appearance on this year Celebrity Big Brother now.
Last sunday, Shilpa cooked Chicken for Big Brother housemates and Jade, Danniel and Jo dislike her food and said Racism comment.

Jade,Danniel and Jo did serious mistake on TV.
However, Big Brother production team are not free from these problem.

They have to remember Big Brother servants episode.
This episode is the starting point of problems.
(I hope say detail but I do not have time so Please check Big Brother Home Page)

Anyway, Channel 4 would be the channel of the world.
Why? Click here.

I enjoy this program also my room-mates watch this show.
They are Pakistani.
CBB production team... Are not you shame from these viewers?

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