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09 February 2007

Don't Worry Be Happy

I really do not want remember this week.
I lost my CARDS (Debit and Cash Card)
Someday, I found my laptop has been had Big damage.
In addition, a university sent unrealistic offer to me.
A university disappointed me seriously.
Ah... Someone said very terrible story to me.
(It was like of last summer's nightmare)
Anyway... This week is gone.
I do not know which terrible situation will show next week to me.
Ray (our class tutor) teached this song
I was able to smile at the moment.

Don't Worry Be Happy - Bobby Mc Ferrin
To. University of Sussex Underground Admission Officer
I do not need to get the UNconditional offer.
Really, I hope to get the SAME conditional Offer which you sent me Last year.
(P.S. 2)
I found someone who fixed this blog post's GRAMMAR MISTAKE.
Because I am student who learned English Language of Forienger
So, I know this Blog has lots of English Grammar mistake.
Could you help me?