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15 April 2007

Term Three D-1

Now time is 21:50 and I'm in Univ of Sussex's IT Service Centre for my vacation homework.
(Oh dear, I lost today's Match of the Day 2!)

Now some people are doing their work (for study or individual) in here very late night.

About 12 hours after...
My last term in Sussex Language Institute is going to start.

Who will meet or lost?
Do I study same book and content as Term2 again? (My Intensive classmates worry that)
What do they think who know I've got the conditional offer from Oxford Brookes?

Yesterday, I've got good news from my friends (Yesterday Post "Happy News").
I think they will not return this term so I say farewell to them on my Blog.
(Do they visit my POOR blog?)

It's last term in Brighton.
After this term, I will move to Oxford and attend Oxford Brookes University's Pre-sessional Course.
(Who attend Pre-sessional course twice by student?)

Yes.. It's last... Originally, I want to stay this city but I cann't.

Will everything be all right?

Ahmed, Abdl-Rahman, Issaco, Fabiola, Fahad (Maybe..), Juanjo, Yaka, Moe...
Hu... Tomorrow I will busy.

Anyway... I miss my laptop again.

(Written by Apple's Safari, MAC OS, iMAC [It's harder for me than Windows XP])