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11 April 2007


"They will give the answer within today"

I wait, wait and wait for whole daytime but I haven't received the answer.


I remembered my UCAS application.

Now, I've got a university's conditional offer but about a month ago, my life was terrible.

I wait 6 universities' respond and have a bit hope which "they will give the offer to me".

But it was NOT.

My life was broken by these six universities (Especially, Sxxxxx and Gxxxxxxxx)


My laptop has ill.

Yes… Actually, its condition is not well so I will send this laptop to Technical Service centre.

But… I have serious problems…

It's my warranty programme.

My warranty programme is worked for one year because one factor of application was wrong.

So I have just changed that but its expire date is over.

My laptop company suggested 90days warranty but….

I bought 3 years warranty so it's very unacceptable offer to me.


So haven't they given any answer to me because I disagree their offer?

Anyway… I'm very tired but haven't do anything today.


How Do I do…?