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03 September 2007

Into storm....

Chelsea has got first lost in this season...
They lost the match verse Aston Villa.
Aston Villa 2 - 0 Chelsea
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Jose's face turned to irony
Roman left the Villa park before the match finish.
It's the table of Barclays Premier League.

Four team have 10 points.

However, Liverpool and Aresnal had been 4 games.

And... Chelsea and Everton had been 5 games.

Yes.. It's not good situation for Chelsea.

I know Lampard absent (by injury).

But... However...

Drogba and Terry... Essential players of Chelsea stood on ground.

Anyway.. 1st - 12nd's gap of the point is 3 points.

Just one game...

Now the table is very fluctuated.

Who will win this season? I do not know...

It's really chros...

Oh... Manchester United.. What are you doing?

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(Photo are captured from BBC SPORT/ Match Of The Day2)