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23 September 2007

The First posting from Morrell K7 | The lack of communication

My Weak 0 at Oxford Brookes past as the speed of light.

I've got a veeeeeeeeery tiny room (Morrell K7C) and four BRITISH room mates who are younger than me (Approximately 8 years... When they were birth, I went Primary school in South Korea.).

I am happy with my house even Living room's TV aerial is tooooooo bad. (Yes... It's a living room.. not bed room. My bed room doesn't have TV aerial point even I'm a subscriber of TV Licence)

Okay, I wrote about my room mates.
As before I wrote, they are four British who are 18 or 19 years old.
The important point of them is they've got the freedom from their parents.

Also, it's the first time they live with a strange Korean Pig...
(Oh, Sorriness my room mates)

This situation made communication problems.
I cannot express my idea to them enough.
However, the more serious problem is I cannot understand what they express.
Okay, the example.. If you can understand other country's teenager's express, your language level is extremely advance. (Isn't it?)

So... I am alone in my house.
I just give scolding or very very old joke (It is not a joke and common expression.) to them.

Yes, it's not their falut. (Really)
It's my fault because my English is not enough to communicate with them.
(Lovely, Jiho's Teletubbies English)

Right than... What is the tomorrow's module?
Answer : Human Communication

Oh My God... (In addition, I should leave here at 7.30 AM!!!!)
I hope to know the key of this problem by this module.

Okay... Let's start Week 1 at Oxford Brookes.