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15 October 2007

On brookes Bus [U1, Harcourt Hill -> Gipsy Lane]

Late arrival...
This incident gives very unhappy accident to me sometimes...

Today, i arrived at harcourt hill about 30 minutes later. [However, it's before the lecture]

Monday breakfast class, Human communication.
Today, i examined our and others' poster with our team members.
Okay... Our one is not bad than others. [I hope so]

The terrible incident happend after then.
I took the quiz.
I believed i might be solve easily.

My expection is perfectly wrong.
I wrote the answer on wrong side.
Blanks were more than answers.

Recently, i`ve faced a lot of strange situations.
These things might be effect to my study.
[in addition, i'm toooooooooooo lazy]

Hey... Jiho.
You are an international student.
Your learning process is different from British.
C O N C E N T R A T E ! ! !