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03 December 2007

Hard to write about my teammates...

AM 06:15....
Oh dear... Today.. I haven't slept.

Tonight, I thought my team-mates because I have to fill 'Peer Feedback' about them.
This form is quite serious for us because 10% of final result will come from this part.

It's true. I am very happy with my team-mates.
Even we've got terrible Poster grade.
We have been doing well this semester. (AM 9, Harcourt Hill)

Also, it's true. they are much better than me.
However, I have to write some weak points of them. (Yes... It's non-sense)

I'm afraid of their reaction of them feedback from me.
I know... my feedback will be terrible or not.

However, do I put all of them in the feedback form?
Yes.. I do not know...

(To. Mates)
Sorry... I do not want you are annoyed from your feedback from me.
- Ji Hio