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19 December 2007

Sorry, I was one of 37% (the 17th Republic of Korea Presidential election)


63% Korean electors were attended the 17th Republic of Korea (South) Presidential Election.
This figure is much lower than previous Presidential Electrons.

Honestly, Lee Myung-bak was not my favorite candidate but I do not want he would be the president.
However, Lee is the Pre-president of Republic of Korea by 48.7% voting.
My favorite candidate got just 5.8% voting.

However, I am afraid to claim this result because I am one of 37%, who did not vote.
I live in Oxford,England so It's hard to attend election.
I know some Korean, who live in oversea countries, went to South Korea for voting but it needs spending lots of money and time.

Quite sad, this result but Lee is our new president from next middle of Feb.
I just hope my country is going well.

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Ilya Glazkov said...

At least this country is better then North Korea! =) I'm from Russia and we'r going to have the presedential elections soon. Everybody knows who's gonna win so it is not fun to vote. The thing is that one party just got more then 70% in parlament elections... and one of the candidates is from this party so he's gonna win anyways.

지호 | Ji Ho | 志浩 said...

Sorry.. Mate... My respond is too late.
Also, Thank you for add me on Facebook.

Maybe.. Our country's election is similar than your country. Already, many people expected who would be the new president in my country.
Yes.. so It's so boring for me.