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24 March 2009

South Korean Baseball Team, I’m proud of you

Beijing Olympics…

Their gold medal was miracle…

Anyone did not expect they get gold but they did.


World Baseball Classic…

Korea was out at semi-final in ‘06 WBC…

After 4 years, today, ‘09 WBC


Preparing period was seriously challengeable time for Korean Baseball team.

Anyone did not want to be manager (It might be the effect from Olympics)

In addition, It was hard to make squad because some of important players, who are in overseas league, did not enter the team (by their own decision and problems).


Just one Japan Pro League player and Just one Major League (US) player… That’s all… Other players are in Korean Pro League players.


Therefore, It was expected Korean Baseball team is out at Second rounds.

(WBC – 1st round –> 2nd round –> Finals)

However, today…

They standed the pitch, the grand final of WBC ‘09 and faced Japan, rival of rival for long long time.


The result was….

Japan 5 Korea 3

Yes, we lose the match.


However, Korea baseball team did as they can.

Especially, at 9th Bottom…

When Everyone expected ‘Yes, it’s the end’.

They made a point so the result was draw.

(Japan 3 Korea 3)


Even they lose, I celebrate they hardest journey.

They beaten Taipei China (Taiwan), China, Mexico, Venezuela and Japan (two times).


It could be impossible journey for them.

Well done, after 4 years, I believe Korea could be the top of world baseball teams.


Thanks and I’m proud of you

Korean Baseball Team


Korean Baseball team after '09 WBC Final (Photo from OSEN and KBO)

(P.S.) I wish Double Elimination rule should be dropped from next WBC. How many Korea and Japan matches were in ‘09 WBC. It’s five times (1R 2, 2R 2 and final 1). Is it reasonable schedule?