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05 February 2006

Mind the accidnet

Accident scene

Recently, some dream in my country broadcasting is suddenly interrupted.

The reason is hero and heroin’s car had accident during taking drama.

They had serious injury and Production team could not take next scenes.

Finally, Broadcasting Company decided this drama’s broadcast will reserve until recover Actor and Actress.

Today, Alex has injury of his finger during taking film.

When he has injury, I thought it is not serious.

However, we working have interrupted now from his injury.

He is director and hero of this project.
So, we damage is serious.

It is our team’s false.
Firstly, Alex’s had mistake of safety during taking film.
Secondly, anyone did not consider injury situation.
If someone alarmed this scene’s dangerous or tried change acting.
This accident did not happen.

Tomorrow, we will discuss measure of this accident.
We film have to finish until Friday.
Fortunately, our team have our camera and tape. (It is Alex’s)
So, we can consider change actor or find another way.

However, we think it before finished film.
It is Alex’s recovered.

(Last week, our Isabelle teacher had car accident and today is Alex had accident...)

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