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02 February 2006

04.Jan.2006 And ...

Today is special day because of I write two article in my blog on one day.

04 January 2006...
I finished travel in Brighton and moved to Manchester.
However, Brighton did not have direct line to Manchester.
So, I traveled via London to Manchester.

Bus well ran in Brighton & Hove.
However, suddenly Bus had big problem.
It was bus's window wiper do not working.

So, I waited a lot of time at some area.
There is SUSSEX university.

When I lived there.
In my head is just university's worry.
Especially, Sussex university need 70% and I applied there.
So, I think I will cannot enter there.

After 1 hour... Emergency Bus came to Sussex university and I leaved there.

Today... (02.Feb.2006)
When I finished my class.. (SSayng!! Why 218 printer's tonner was empty!!!)

I back to my lovely G block (remeber~ G127 ^^;)

I updated my musicvideo on google video.
(someday! (not far!) you can see jiho's musicvideo in here by google video)
I checked my e-mail.

One mail arrived from UCAS.
It mean my UCAS track system is update.

So, I connected UCAS track system and prayed.
"Please... Never unsuccesful..."

Finally, I have first conditional offer.
Where is it? I do not say thay...
Because you know already...

(Foundation over 65% / IELTS 6.5 (Reading & writing over 6