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19 June 2006

Camden Town Diary 2

Lucky do not often come to me.
If it come often, it is not lucky.

Today morning
I found some strange letter


TITLE : Successful ticket allocation for the FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 (TM)

And I saw that....

We are delighted to inform you that within the Conditional ticket programme for the 2006 FIFA World Cup Germany (TM) you have been allocated 1 single tickets for the following match:Match #46: Switzerland - Korea Republic, Hanover, 23.06.2006

Oh dear....
How do I?

When I saw this letter I find transport and accodemation in Hanover.
However, many transport and accodemation are booked finish.

Why FIFA confirm that yesterday, People make busy...

Anyway I decide one airplane.

AirBerlin... Cheap Airline service at Germany.

Journey is too hard.

23 morning leave 07:30 -> 24 morning come back 06:30

In addition, No accomdeation --;

Anyway I'm happy can go to Worldcup Arena.

However, I wait another lucky.

S******, please adapt me.

(From Camden Town Internet cafe)