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22 June 2006

Leicester square Diary (instand of Camden town diary 4)

This is STARBUCKS Leicester square brunch.
I finish fix my laptop and contact internet by wireless in here.

Anyway I did not watch Worldcup match yesterday

OK... I went this concert of FREE. (Because last boat party prize ^^;)

Even I do not know band. (Oh dear...)

However... It is funny concert with crazy british --;

Ok... Concert is my dream.

In other words, I want to work there.

So I intereted look Light location, Camera movement and manage concert.

If I know whole band's song, I more enjoy that.

However, --; Ok... I'm Korean.

Technical problem is hardness problem of us.

Last English Presentation.

My presentation involve much problems.

One of them is PC techinical problem.

I had confusion and the project was too rubilsh.

And then.

My classmate S***** had her presention.

When her present her topic, also PC made problem.

(Correctly, DVD disk problem)

However, she quite solve this problem.

Yesterday concert.

I saw a lot of audio problem there.

Especially, Vocal microphone problem was serious.

When I saw that scene,

Why I think her presentation....

OK... I prepare next day go to HANOVER