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24 December 2006

Christmas Card ... From. Jiho

Thank you for coming my Lovely Blog.

How do you have your Christmas?

with Friends?

with Family?

or with your lover?
I hope your Christmas is very and very happy.

Ah... My Christmas?
Umm... Umm...

Please consider who is virgin for 25years. (It's me)

Ah... In addition, I've got Lovely Letter.

OK... It's good mood for drinking alone.


This year is very challenge year for me.

I finised Foundation Course.

I finished Pre-Sessional Coruse.

But... I did not enter University.

Instand of I entered Sussex Language Institute's Intensive English.


so I met lots of good people

Really, I thanks for who know me.


I found these video clips for you on

Please watch these clips by the order.

Ah! I think this Christmas will be White Christmas in the UK.

Because of That

OK.. Anyway... It's also White.


Next Year... will I have which Christmas day?

I hope tomorrow will be better than now for you and me.


I know someone do not celebrate Christmas.

I hope we forget serious problems (especially, Religion) at the moment

and we share Love and Thank for everyone.

Likes This video clip

Merry Christmas!

(P.S.) Thank you for writing comment ^-^

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thelights said...

점수 그만큼 나왔으니 희망이 보이지 않냐? 다음번엔 더 좋은 결과 있을 거다. 수고하고... 내 블로그에도 찾아와라.