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09 December 2006

Dream of My life - Shin Seung Hun


An Korean woman is letting her hair down.
Antoher Korean and German girl is sleeping in the Air plane.
An Spanish guy works hard with dreaming back to home for vacation.
Also, a slovakian wonen works hard and dream same thing.
A Korean guy drinks alchol with his room mates.
An Venezuelaian girl has nice saturday with her mother.
Two japanese girls are preparing to go to party.
An Cameroon guy see these girls.
An Chinese man works on the road with terrible traffic situation.
An British women enjoy the affternoon wtth coffee.
An British girl's mother consider her children's meal.
An Iranian guy see the letter about when he enter the army.
An Saudi man is reading book quiet.
And an UAE man takes a rest because he finish his one of big challenges.

After I cried in front of Sussex House.
(If don't you know here, Please ask to MOE)
I didn't think I stay here.
However, the situation was changed
I met another friends.

You know? when I enter this course my emotion was so bad.
So I did too bad behaviour to us.
And I really thank you for they understand me.
Yet I do not believe Hee Bin, Doo Ri and Simone are leaving.
(Of course, Hee Bin is in the Brighton yet)
Thank you

Really I will miss you.
I think I am not good friend and stduent of you. Sorry...


Intensive English Group II


1 comment:

Simone said...

Hello Jiho!

Now I'm home but I want to thank you for your Korean dictionary, I will practise, but I don't think i will be successfull. ;-)
And thank you for the writing in Moes und Yakas book.
It was a shame that we couldn't say good bye. But perhaps you had reasons. I hope your exam on saturday was successful.