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18 December 2006

New meeting

A Korean TV camera man had developed leuklemia because he got lots of vaccine before when he took the TV documentary in Africa. This disease caused hit vaccine side effect.

Anyway... He recovered his health. Hospital said that case is miricle.

When he met a news site, he said that
"Psychiatrist advised to me that 'Do try make new relationship' because if I see before colleagues, I will get serious stress and it isn't to help me"

Now I met my friend who studied Foundation course wiht me on messenger.
Suddenly, I remember the nightmare of Sussex House.
I've got Just 6 month.

Can I enter uni this year?
However, yet my UCAS form isn't finished.

Really, don't you add my e-mail or number on your Messenger???
(If you forget my e-mail[msn] or number[icq], Please write comment...)